BMW 1M vs. Audi TT-RS

Car & Driver is improving!!—-good on them to test the 2 cars we have all been waiting to see a test of against each other—the glorious Audi TT-RS and the very cool BMW 1M. I love both of these cars—preferring the insanely beautiful growl of the TT-RS 5-cylinder when push comes to shove.  The Infiniti G37 IPL is also in this comparison, however doesn’t really match up to the other 2 in terms of size, style, or performance.  The TT-RS posts a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds (!!!!!) and beats the other two in lap times and most performance criteria.  No surprise there, but by price, i have to say the BMW 1M is such a great car starting at $47k.  I don’t think the owners of either of these 2 monsters will be dissappointed….i think the Porsche Cayman R would have been a good 3rd car in this comparison.

(these scans were uploaded by Superchargedcarman from 1addicts)


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3 thoughts on “BMW 1M vs. Audi TT-RS

  1. silvano says:

    I think the ttrs is awesome that engine sound the quality of audi is brilliant the 1m is nice but looks like a 135i on roids and the motor is no difference jus swaped the twin turbo for a single one and gave it sum m works to it

  2. erwin says:

    audi , defnitly 4 me!!!! looks great , handles perfek and u know what??? i owns one in the same colour( blue)!!!! damn great grand car.. in my african country.. NAMIBIA!!

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