One thought on “BMW_R8_850-2

  1. James Wittman says:

    Yeah dude you never heard of a fucking BMW R8? You must be cynically retarded yo! there all over the place, your saying shit like its the third coming of Christ. look clearly those are BMW spokes and the Badge proves it all, its a newer 850 though CSI Msport model. i bought one at the BMW dealershio just 2 minutes ago, and i went racing in it on mountains its insane like balls to the wall, i was drifting everywhere and i got 1cm close to all the gaurd rails, yeah but im going to sell it and buy a EG6 imported from japan with the paddle shifters. Its dope! il see you around the Mountains cuz i sleep there n shit waiting for ppl so i can race them, in my AE86 yeah i have like 7 of them but they got tottalled so now im left with 1, but i keep that in a storage, my main car is a Geo metro though just for daily driving! but yeah i use to own a Lamborghini but it got repo’d.

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