news of the day: Cindy McCain = drifter?

I was utterly shocked by the discovery that Cindy McCain, wife of US Presidential candidate John McCain (R) is a drift fanatic! Amazing how some people just surprise you….sure drifting is kinda lame, but not when you discover a 54 year-old first lady candidate does it! then it becomes just a bit cool i must say.

Combine this with the fact that Obama drives a Toyota Prius (ugh!) and you really start to wonder which candidate would be better for cars……oh well, i’ll still support Obama—because at least we’ll be alive to drive.

click the link below for the ESPN article and video:

2 thoughts on “news of the day: Cindy McCain = drifter?

  1. AxeYrCat says:

    Actually, I believe the Obamas have a a Hybrid Ford SUV (an Escape, I believe)…

    The McCains have a Prius.

  2. iedei says:

    you’re right. that just came out in the news yesterday!

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