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foto of the day. R5/A310

love this picture.  love these 2 cars.  people don’t seem to understand just HOW SMALL some of the Alpine cars were….the A110 makes the Lotus Elise look like a massive supercar……and by this pic, you can see how tiny even the larger A310 was…


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Chris Harris on the Porsche 959 and Ferrari 288 GTO

Chris Harris is cool.  I generally enjoy his reviews.  This is a cool review of 2 cars which were ‘poster’ cars of the 80s…..the 959 interesting me much more….as the poster in my wall as a kid would testify…

Part 1:

Part 2:


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“The Story Of Gasoline” (1924, silent film)

I”m just hoping one of you has a spare 43 minutes and 17 seconds to sit through all of this….let me know what happens later!  Cool images in there though.

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foto of the day. Kyalami

i love this car.  so unknown….perfect car for a sniper. The Maserati Kyalami.

some history (via:

“In 1974 after a period of financial turmoil, Citroën, the then owners of Maserati, placed the company into liquidation. By 1975, Maserati was in the hands of a partnership berween Alejandro DeTomaso and GEPI (an Italian state organisation whose sole purpose was the protection of Italian jobs). DeTomaso’s Longchamp had not proved the success he had hoped and sales were low. During this time of re-organisation, DeTomaso was desperate to produce a new flagship Maserati. Given Maserati’s financial restraints, his solution was to call in Pietro Frua’s design studio in Turin to re-style the Longchamp and so was born the Kyalami.”


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foto of the day. 8c.

Still one of the most beautiful cars around, IMO!

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drive, Mini, drive!


This sort of reminds of WHY i wanted a Mini Cooper so badly during my teenage trips to London….cos they looked so tossable, and they ARE so tossable!

thanks to: Axis Of Oversteer

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foto of the day. urban 917.

Porsche 917 in the city, yo!

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Audi mulling over building the neu quattro!

BUILD IT! put me on the list!

“Describing the new two-door as more than just a one-off show car, Stefan Reil, head of development at Audi’s Quattro Gmbh division, confirmed plans for a limited production run were fairly advanced. “We are rethinking standard processes to make it possible,” he said. “We know how to engineer it already.”


more info at Autocar:


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iPad getting EVO, Octane, Top Gear magazines….

I’m a big fan of the iPad, even though i don’t own one yet.  The iPod Touch i have lost recently was one of the best little electronic devices i’ve ever owned; so versatile and useful.  I’m definitely getting an iPad, just not right now as i need a new laptop first!

The era of the ‘digital magazine’ is now upon us, and the UK magazines are coming to the iPad!

pricing @ Zinio:

EVO Magazine $4.96 ea. or subscription of 12 digital issues for $50.32
Octane Magazine $4.96 ea. or subscription of 12 digital issues for $50.32
Top Gear Magazine $5.27 per issue with no subscription available.

not a bad deal, considering that a physical subscription often runs like $90 on these imported magazines.  Plus you get to have them on your iPad for further easy access! VERY COOL! i’m sure this is just the beginning.  Still haven’t heard anything about my favourite UK car mag Car though.

original article from our friends at Fourtitude

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book purchase of the day.

a bizarre piece of literary genius from 1959 entitled “Skillful Driving: How to Master The 200 Most Crucial Situations Of Modern Traffic” by Maxwell N. Halsey

driving will never be the same, kids!

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more Audi quattro concept

the “concept car of the year” as far as IEDEI is concerned!   Lotus who?

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ad of the day. Alfa.

got this from the AlfaBB

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random vintage Maserati pics.

Tipo 26, Tipo 26b, Tipo 4CTR, and something….

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Lancia Delta S4 Hill climb.

Gotta love the Delta S4! check out that dashboard….and that technological sound!

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foto of the day. concept.

the most exciting concept car this year, for me…personally.

Audi quattro Concept. (cheers to Motor Authority, where i got the pic)

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. skoda?

Skoda?  really?  yeah, it’s a fibreglass bodied 1958 Skoda 968.

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