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Audi’s new bicycle; “Duo”

and it starts at only $7300! *rolls eyes*

more info here: Audi USA

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yes, hi, i would like a Porsche 917 brochure please?

“why, absolutely sir…”

CLICK to enlarge

thanks to the Old Car Manual Project for these scans!


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video of the day. ALMS GT2 class @ Laguna Seca 2009

What an amazing bit of racing…..make sure you watch the whole thing…

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foto (s) of the day. B20 figure skating.

apparently Lancia is a sponsor in the 2011 figure skating championships in Torino….and brought out a beautiful B20 Aurelia Coupe to the festivities.

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Lancia Flavia 2000 HF.

more of it!  love this car, don’t see/read/hear much about it at all either.

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foto of the day. RS4

Audi RS4 (B5) Avant

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hired chinese men destroy a lamborghini gallardo.

this is disturbing.  a bit more backstory below…

photo and story:

“The businessman from Qingdao says the engine of his Lamborghini Gallardo failed to start on November 29, 2010, just six months after he bought it. As any other car owner would do, he contacted the Lamborghini dealer in Qingdao, and the trailer of a maintenance service provider entrusted by the dealer was sent to carry the car to a designated maintenance shop. When his Lamborghini was returned, the owner noticed the engine problem still hadn’t been fixed, and that the bumper and chassis had been damaged, probably during the towing.
When the owner pointed out the problems at the maintenance shop, they denied his claims and simply ignored his consumer rights, so the owner tried to work things out with Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini’s China division, with the auto-maker’s after-sales service manager for Asia-Pacific region, and even with brand owner Volkswagen Group, but no one took responsibility for what had happened.” The rest can be told in the photos below.”

As the story goes—he hired a bunch of men to destroy his Gallardo——to get back at Lamborghini China.

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foto of the day. 911 turbos.

this composite was made by Atomic80 from the M5Board.

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as an Audiphile, i have to admit this made me laugh a bit! however i am most definitely interested to see what is being released…as the “duo”. Seems like it will be a bicycle…supposed to debut this weekend at the Audi Collection.

Automakers, of course have a history of making bicycles—–and Audi is no different.  Here’s one of their previous bicycles called the ‘Audi Design Cross’….quite nice, although i’m not really a bicycle person—so i have no idea whether it is any good or not.

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foto of the day. 2000 HF

The superb Lancia Flavia 2000 HF!

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RIP David E. Davis

Huge in the US automotive journalism world; with Car & Driver, as founder of Automobile Magazine, and later Winding Road.  He was articulate and interesting and had a large amount of influence on the creation of automotive blogging and writing.   He died of cancer at the age of 80.  (thanks to Fourtitude for finding the video)

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“Anatomy of a pothole”

I drive a lot through New York City—-and everyday I find myself wondering HOW the potholes in the road just get bigger and bigger.  They fix them, they come back.   After several years of commuting by car through NYC city streets; I have learned areas where the road is worse than others, in my mental data bank of pothole summaries.  That being said, there are always new surprises which bubble up.

So how are potholes made!?

“It’s hard to believe those chasms in the pavement aren’t the remnants of miniature explosions. Instead, they’re carved by plain old water. The process usually starts with one little crack that fills with H2O. When water freezes, it expands, and when the water inside the crack expands, it pushes the asphalt outward and upward—a lot like when you forget a soda in the freezer and return to find a frozen volcano bursting from the bottle. “

read the rest of this interesting article here:
Anatomy of a Pothole – U.S. Roads and Infrastructure – Popular Mechanics

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2012 Alfa Romeo Giulia?

I loved the latest Alfa Giulietta when i was in Italy last week—it is beautiful and probably the best looking hatchback i’ve seen in recent memory….far better in person than any photo can do it justice.  Found this pic scattered across the web; obviously a low likelihood for ‘the truth’ since Autoxpress, the fine purveyors of automotive lying are behind it—–however it is an interesting rendering, and I think it looks quite nice.  As I mentioned in my post-Italy post….i think the Alfa 159 is a thing of utter beauty, so it is difficult to follow it up, but I think if the Giulia looked anything like this, it might be possible.

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MotoGP official pace car: 1M

the uber cool BMW 1M is the official pace car for the MotoGP series this year—here are some promo pics.

you can find many other pics over at BMWBlog:

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art of the day. zandvoort.

an original programme from Zandvoort, 1968


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foto of the day. more trans-am.

1968 race at Lime Rock.

(click to enlarge)

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vintage trans-am racing fotos.

There are just wonderful photos.  from the 1970 Road America race

credit: Carpenterdesign (Autosport)

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BMW 1M vs. Audi TT-RS

Car & Driver is improving!!—-good on them to test the 2 cars we have all been waiting to see a test of against each other—the wicked Audi TT-RS and the majestic BMW 1M. I love both of these cars—kind of torn because of my ‘Audiphile’ nature telling me to prefer the TT-RS, however deep somewhere in my head it’s the 1M that captures my imagination massively.   I do despise the looks of the TT-RS, as i think they pretty much ruined the 2nd generation of the TT—a car that deserved to evolve better from the timless MK1.  To me, the 1M’s styling makes it one of the best looking cars of my lifetime.  Imaginative, toy-like, and just aggressive.

The Infiniti G37 IPL is also in this comparison, however doesn’t really match up to the other 2 in terms of size, style, or performance.  The TT-RS posts a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds (!!!!!) and beats the other two in lap times and most performance criteria.  No surprise there, but by price, i have to say the BMW 1M is such a great car starting at $47k.  I don’t think the owners of either of these 2 monsters will be dissappointed….i think the Porsche Cayman R would have been a good 3rd car in this comparison.  Meanwhile….please excuse me while i continue to have wet dreams about that orange 1M.


(these scans were uploaded by Superchargedcarman from 1addicts)


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A110 of the day.

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the Audi R18 has been testing at Sebring this past week…here are some official pics of this evil new Le Mans fighter….it is beautiful in black.

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foto of the day. P57

One of my favourite F1 cars ever….the BRM P57 driven by Graham Hill at the 1965 Belgian Grand Prix.

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ad of the day. Cimarron!

At least they got the driving gloves right!!! I’ve never seen a dash where the radio is visible through the corner of the steering wheel!

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