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matte black Audi A5.

The Audi A5 is already one of the best looking cars on sale today…….gorgeous lines, low, wide, and with tons of presence.  Paint the thing matte black & lower it…. and it starts too look like a stealth fighter…..fantastic.

Tuned by: Avus Performance

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More Lancia….

I guess at IEDEI, lately there is a big rush of Lancia going on…..can’t think of a better brand to get obsessed with though…..

big thanks to the fantastic Colla Verglas Blog for these pics!

(click to enlarge the photos, and click the original Colla Verglas link above to see lots more pics!)

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foto of the day. 01312010.

one of the greatest cars ever made— the Bugatti Type 35b. the first time i saw one in person at the Cranbrook Concours, i just took a seat on the grass and stared at it for about 30 minutes.  I’ll never forget the way it made me feel…….

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focus: Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato.

the original Lancia Fulvia is a total legend……and adding to the legend is this rare, but fascinating rebodied Fulvia redone by Zagato and sold in Limited Edition.  A couple of years ago, i had a chance to by an unrestored one of these, but passed it up just due to the huge amount of cash it would have costed to get it back to shape.  One day though, when i have enough loot to swing around, i want a Fulvia HF and a Fulvia Sport Zagato in my garage…….together!

taken from the Ultimate Car Page:

“In April 1965 the first prototype was ready and it was Elio Zagato himself who conducted the road tests. Before the end of the year the production of the Fulvia Sport 1.3 Zagato was started. As can be seen in the second picture, the rear hatch could be opened slightly electrically to improve ventilation while driving. The first production were powered by a 1.2 litre V4 engines, pumping out a decent 80 bhp. In 1967 the displacement was increased to 1.3 litres. This larger engine was available in two states of tune, 87 bhp for the Sport 1.3 and 93 bhp for the Sport 1.3S. In 1970 the Fulvia Sport was slightly restyled and a 115 bhp 1.6 litre engine was added to the line-up.”

Here are some of my favourite Fulvia Sport Zagato photographs:


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foto of the day. 01302010.

the long lost Bugatti Chiron

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turn your 4 banger into a V8/V10!

Well, not really…..err…

SoundRacer V8/V10 will plug into a car’s cigarette lighter, be tuned to a radio station within your car, and then spit out the sweet sounds of a V8 or a V10 engine right through your car’s speakers! GENIUS!  The revs rise and everything….fascinating……but COMPLETELY nerdy.  Just don’t turn it too loud, or you’ll be snarling and snorting at a traffic light with the windows open…and a real muscle car will pull up and hysterically start laughing….COST? $40.

Still, a cool little gadget to have a laugh with i suppose……it is inevitable however that some ricey dork is gonna plug speakers to the outside of their car…and actually try to make it sound like that to outsiders as well…..til then, check out the video demonstration below:

here’s a link to a full review:

link to company’s site:

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foto of the day. 01302010.

Lancia Delta S4.


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Well Toyota has really f*cked up, haven’t they?   Too bad Prius weren’t recalled though….that’s sad. Recall a bunch of Lexus-es (Lexii for plural??) while you’re at ToMoCo…for being BORING!

At least 5.3 million cars are being recalled across Europe and the United States.  Toyota has stopped production of all of these cars, AND if you are gonna walk into a Toyota showroom and try to buy a Corolla (why!??!), they will not let you—–as Toyota will not sell you a new car affected by the recall.

Massive fail…..Toyota is in BIG trouble.  Japan gonna bail em out? let’s see what happens….

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Audi A1 german styling discussion.

I find this Audi A1 styling video to be hilarious….i’m not sure why exactly.  Maybe it’s their sheer nerdiness, or their stern german sensibility, or maybe because they are trying to simulate an actual event in the form of a weird, staged reinactment! I’m looking forward to the A1 though…should be a very interesting car.  Now bring it to the USA, Audi!

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foto of the day. 01282010.

family outing, italian style!

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All hail the rescue of SAAB.  I was rooting for it all along, and now it seems it has happened.  Spyker, with the deep $600 million help of the Swedish government, has had their bid accepted by the fat slobs at GM.

Rumour is that upcoming SAAB models will be known as SAAB SPYKER. The 9-5 (new) will be released in the US market later in 2010.

Great news.  Good luck, Spyker!

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IEDEI catches the ‘new’ 370z Roadster in the wild…

Actually….I took this photo about 3 or 4 months ago…(maybe longer?) as this 370Z Roadster was parked near my flat here in Brooklyn.  I forgot to post this back then, and now i’ve come to realise that this car still hasn’t been released! So i’m posting it now.  It wasn’t exactly ‘nice’ to look at, but wasn’t terrible either.

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ad of the day.


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foto of the day. 01242010.


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foto of the day. 01192010.

oh yeah….AUDI QUATTRO cutaway!


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foto of the day. 011810.

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900. gorgeous.



art of the day.

Rohit Sharma makes some cool artwork.  Based out of New Delhi, his paintings capture the essence of city living in India.  I really dig his vintage car paintings. (makes for good wallpaper too!)  Check out the other variations on his website:

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off topic: donating to Haiti

My ‘other’ career is in health care.  The problems in Haiti after the earthquake have created a dire situation with a sincere lack of supplies, infrastructure, and materials to provide appropriate health care for people in need.

I would highly encourage people to donate some money to the cause.  Even a little bit goes a long way.  Sometimes it is difficult to know which charity or fund to donate to.  I’ve provided a link to the PARTNERS IN HEALTH website out of Boston, which provides medical staff, make shift clinics, and supplies to the current situation in Haiti.  A worthy cause, and a solid organization so you KNOW your money is going to the right places.



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Lancia Stratos channels the devil.

HOLY SOUND! take a listen.  Don’t get scared around the 2 minute mark!

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foto of the day. 01162010.

that’s right! here’s the IEDEI MOBILE.  getting ready for a car wash….it’s such a warrior.

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1000+ views today.

For the first time since I started this blog about 16 months ago, it recieved more than 1000 unique views for just today.  That’s a milestone!  Cheers to all the IEDEI friends out there, and let’s aim for 2000 hits a day!

Time to celebrate with a picture of our spiritual webmaster, Steve McQueen!

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foto of the day. 01142010

1970 Porsche 917 Short Tail Le Mans

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