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Roding Roadster 23.

I love this thing! Totally inspired by the R8 and the E-Tron (especially the Detroit Auto Show E-Tron Coupe concept), but this Roding carries a BMW inline 6 with 320hp.   Weighs only 950kg.

Limited to 23 cars for the initial production run.  I can’t wait to see more photos…..and to find out if there will be a proper run of production cars!  Oh and roding……ditch those silly time attack ‘red strips’ on the rim of the wheels and get some proper black/grey wheels on there.

more info at: Roding

src: Autoevolution




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the art of size manipulation.

it’s all about perspective, isn’t it!?

This art and photography project by Skrekkogle is great, challenging the perspectives and altering our expectations of size.

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Need. More. Hot. Hatches.

The Citroen DS4 Racing is scheduled to be shown at the Geneva Auto Show.   There isn’t a week that goes by where I am NOT envious of my european friends and how they have such fantastic ‘hot’ hatchbacks to choose from and buy!!!  Americans simply do not understand hatchbacks; which is why we have 5 on the market here or something like that.   What choices do we have in the US for ‘hot hatches’? VW GTI, Audi A3, Ford Focus, Mini Cooper, and some weird 3-door Hyundai Velociraptor Roster Foster Pentacoster….

For the love of god, SOMEBODY buy PSA (Peugeot/Citroen/etc) and bring us these french hot hatches!  Ford maybe?  Buy PSA! Nissan, stop diddling around with the miserable current lineup you have in the US and bring us some Renault Meganes and Clios! VW, hurry up and buy Alfa Romeo so you can bring us theirs as well as the Audi A1, S3, RS3!  Suzuki, bring us the Swift!

oh and the Citroen DS4 looks pretty damn wicked from where i’m seeing it. 1.6 liter 256hp mini-rocket (256hp out of 1.6L? wow).

src: Top Gear

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art of the day. montreal cutaway.

Alfa Romeo Montreal;  easily one of my top 3 Alfas ever…look at that lumpy V8 muscle hanging over the front wheels!

src: hoellemeister

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Audi R8 wins the 12 hours of Bathurst.

Audi entered 3 cars into the 12 hours of Bathurst this year, and the #1 car came out on top after pouring rain and a kangaroo crossing the track!  These R8 LMS specially put forth for Bathurst looks sweeeeet!

Photos and videos:

Official 2 part video:

src: Audi Sport

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foto of the day. 5 Maxi Turbo.

Renault 5 Maxi Turbo.  beast.


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Father of the Panamera: Porsche 989.

Amazing that this prototype is from 1988/1989…..with styling way ahead of its time in terms of swoopy ‘coupe-like’ rooflines which have made their way back into fashion these days with cars like the CLS, A7, and Panamera.

I am, of course, a huge fan of the Panamera.  And yes i take a lot of crap for it from readers of IEDEI and my friends! ha.  Quite simply, i think it is the most interesting sedan on the road today.

So here’s my take on what happened to the Porsche 989.  Ulrich Bez, head engineer of Porsche in the late 1980s, proposed the idea for a 4-door ‘sedan’ which could be mass marketed as a proper german rival sedan to BMW and Mercedes.  Porsche, pretty much sucked at business during this time;  most people don’t seem to realise that Porsche were in BAD shape through most of the 80s—–virtually going out of business at one point!  They had lackluster products, selling for too much money. Surely the 989 must have come across as a revelation of sorts!  Unfortunately Porsche’s rubbish financial state and the departure of Bez resulted in the project being canned by the early 90s.  Obviously it came back in the form of the Panamera.

So some of you may have seen the photos of the ‘original’ Porsche sedan concept, by Troutman-Barnes—-which may have inspired the 989 (minus the crazy suicide doors on the Troutman!) Here are photos showing the evolution of the design:

As of right now, nobody knows the whereabouts of the 989 prototype pictured here—-in fact I have even read that it was given to Ferry Porsche as a present—-however MY suspicion is that it is sitting somewhere inside Ferdinand Piech’s lost basement of lost concepts, waiting to be unearthed again!  The car has NEVER been photographed again since this original german photo shoot…..

srcs: top speed, pelican parts, wikipedia, the petrol stop

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video of the day. Dezir.

So in the past few weeks i have been TRYING to figure out what Renault has planned for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Alpine marque—-i’ve been given some clues, but they are very minimal!

It’s interesting that Renault had shown a concept in 2010/2011 known as the Dezir, and I do find myself wondering if somehow the ‘new’ Alpine Concept which may be introduced at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show will look anything like this!

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foto of the day. old snow.

This year has been a massively disappointing winter with only a scanty 1 or 2 days of proper snow to drive around in—–and all in a year when i searched months for the right wheels to put on brand new snow tires.

I am left to wonder what could have been……well here’s a nice photo from 1916 with white stuff filling up the street in Seattle, a place I will be later this week for a visit.

src: vintage seattle

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foto of the day. Dinos.

Fiat Dinos, coupe and convertible that is!  What a weird photo too….with 3 people standing on the top of old castle/building in the background.  Are they dancing?

src: conceptcarz

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Lotus return to rally with the Lotus Exige R-GT

I cannot wait to see Lotus entering this into the 2012 FIA WRC GT class, and although Lotus still hasn’t officially begun its season with this rally version of the Exige, they claim it will enter in competition for this 2012 season at some point.

Claudio Berro, Group Lotus’ Director of Motorsport, said: “When you consider that we’ve only began working on this car in July, I think what we’ve achieved in that time has been incredible. For me the Exige S makes the perfect GT rally car, it has an awesome 3.5-litre, supercharged engine, and we’ve managed to balance the weight perfectly to meet the minimum weight regulations.

365hp, to be exact!  Wicked.


src: Lotus

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imagination at work: Mithos.

Well obviously this isn’t a real car; however it is the active imagination of an industrial designer to create a ‘what if’ type video of an “Electromagnetic” supercar.   It’s kind of absurd in a ‘watched too much Tron’ sort of way, but still interesting to think about and watch.

src: Endpoint via Automotto

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foto of the day. A310 vs. 2002.

Most people don’t realise just how SMALL the Alpines are, until they either see one in person or see pics of it next to other ‘small’ cars….as most of you know, the BMW 2002 is not exactly a large car….but the Alpine makes it look pretty tall!

The A110 makes any car look huge….but even the A310 is tiny in real life.  The first time I saw these cars in real life, i was amazed at how efficiently small they are in person.

src: JB Hilversum

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is BMW trying to buy SAAB?

(fake logo adapted from SaabsUnited)

It seems like they are!  According to a report on Saabs United, there are 7 companies currently bidding for the bankrupt swedish remains of SAAB, one of them is noted as a large european carmaker—-which by some accounts hails from Munich. Well that would only mean one thing….BMW.  BMW & Saab had previously had some agreements to share technology developing the next Mini and the Saab 9-2; so this wouldn’t be completely out of the blue.

“6-7 serious bidders have been confirmed and among them is a European car-manufacturer according to several sources to different media. What was interesting this time is that these companies want to build Saabs. We have gotten very strong indications from several independent sources that this european company is German and located in Munich. This company has the intention as Till mentioned in an earlier article, to build Saabs and their own cars on the same platform.”

For Saab’s sake….I hope it’s true!

src: SaabsUnited via Autoguide

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foto of the day. camber and toe.

sort it out, mate!

i don’t know much about this photo or where it’s from, except that It made me laugh.  Shared to me by Arman

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The art of the Tipo 61

I think the Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage” is easily one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and artistic race cars ever made—–and these photos really are stunning.  These photos were used by RM Auctions during the 2010 auction of the car, where it sold for $3.343.648 to be exact.  Obviously that’s a lot of money—-but honesty a FAR more beautiful and desirable car than many of the ‘expensive’ and overpriced Ferraris i’ve seen sell for much more in auction reports.

src: brandjunkies


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video of the day: Legends are Forever.

I know I post a lot of Group B stuff…..but honestly it NEVER gets old…..i think as time goes by, that era of Group B rally will be looked back upon even more fondly than it already is—–as an era of classic rally cars which were overpowered and supercool.  This video, in addition to Group B cars, also shows other rally cars which post-dated Group B rally.

This video by Tadej P  is filmed beautifully in San Marino.   Yes there is some music in there, however it isn’t too intrusive and serves more as background.  It’s nice to see some Group B cars in action—-in a video which doesn’t look like it was ripped using a 25 year-old VHS cassette!

also check out Tadej’s super photography on Racemedia

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video of the day. Alex Roy goes to El Salvador

Drive‘s Alex Roy goes to El Salvador to learn about the car culture there….very entertaining!

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Yes, do you have a brochure for a 1965 Matra Djet?

Why, yes of course.

I love the Matra Djet, not just because it was a slightly odder looking, lesser successful, weirdo cousin of the Alpine A110; but because on its own right it is pretty damn wickedly cool!

src: the wonderful oldcarmanualproject


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art of the day. D50.

Lancia D50

this cutaway is drawn by Tony Matthews

src: TheNallyBlog

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Alain De Cadenet’s new show: “Renaissance Man”

(photo taken from VeloceNews)

I’m puzzled as to why there is minimal information present online about Mr. Vintage Race Car and his brand new show debuting this Monday on Velocity.  The show isn’t listed in the list of shows on the network website, and when I do a search I find a few scanty details and no official information.   I just happened to see a short little advertisement on Velocity when i was flipping the channels earlier this weekend.

What I have been able to find out from listing information on the channel’s schedule is the follows:

Episode 1: Alain de Cadenet navigates the history of the iconic Lancia Ferrari D50 through restoration of the original cars to racing it on the track at the Goodwood Revival Meeting.

Episode 2: Alain de Cadenet explores 3 of the most important 20th Century British motorcycles, historic and contemporary classics Brough, Norton, and Triumph.

Sounds pretty great to me!  Alain’s Victory By Design series is one of the great classics in automotive videos of recent years—-and his gentlemanly take on vintage cars and race cars is pretty much always great to listen to.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this new series which debuts tomorrow (February 20th) on Velocity channel at 10pm (EST).

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video of the day. RS5

I consider the Audi RS5 to be the ultimate manifestation of the germans trying to build a “muscle car”…..along with some of the Mercedes AMG line…….this is some great footage of an RS5 rolling through the desolate smooth roads in the desert—-almost reminds me of scenes from the film “Vanishing Point”!

No music or commentary to get in the way either! just the sweet sound of a V8!

Such a desirable car in that shape and in that form—i think the original A5/S5 already looked beautiful, but with a widened stance, fender flares, and those extra RS touches; it really gets its point across!  Fantastic.

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