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(thanks to Elyse Sewell for sharing this glorious photo with me, not sure where it was taken…)

Well it snowed like we were at war with the sky over the weekend here in NYC.   I learned several things during this snowstorm.

A) People in NYC have no idea how to drive through snow.  Having grown up in Michigan and then lived 3 years in Chicago taught me very well how to drive during a snowstorm.  People here have extreme difficulty in judging whether their car can clear certain ‘mounds’ of snow.  On the corner of our street in Brooklyn…..There were 10s of cars stuck over a period of just a few hours.  Some cars in Brooklyn REMAIN stuck even now…..

B) I drive a very low to the ground modified with a stiff suspension, 18 inch lightweight wheels, and on all-seasons.  my TT quattro had absolutely no trouble handling the snow in any way.  There wasn’t a single time i felt unstable or unable to clear any snowbanks.  Most of you know I am a major Audihead….and this is why.  These cars are unstoppable by weather.  While other people stay parked during inclement storms, Audis come ALIVE!  It was great to see people with looks of disbelief as i passed their stuck SUVs and trucks in my low black coupe…..i even heard “what the hell is that thing!?”.

C) NYC was not prepared at all for this storm…..and their lack of proper cleanup is basically simple negligence and/or a mixture of holiday relaxation combined with unexpected ‘large’ storm status.  There are still major streets in our area which are unplowed, and have now turned into ice.  Unacceptable!

D) NYC people are tough.  Much tougher than others.  i saw plenty of people walking around, trudging through large stacks of knee high or even thigh high snow. In other cities, you’d see people sitting on their couch eating chips and watching TV.   There were people stuck 6 hours on the A train going through Queens without heat or food on Monday morning….i’m guessing these people took the subway again today to work.

E) I need boots.  No i’ve never worn boots….even in Detroit or Chicago i never did…but i also never had to walk so much as i do here…and my lack of boots means that the dude you see slipping and sliding all over the sidewalk is probably me trying to regain my balance.

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foto of the day. cool or too much?

Yes i am in the midst of loving 911s.  Especially 997s and 60s/70s models.  This attempts to join those two worlds…..unclear whether i support this or not, however i am enjoying the photo of a 997 with Martini livery!

It is a modified 997 Turbo called “EVT700” and here’s where you can read the article in GTPorsche about the car…

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a question…

which weirdo french photographer forgot to remove the can of something (cleaner? paint?) from the lower aspect of this promo photo for the glorious (err…no) Renault Fuego Turbo? Le incompetence!

I still remember how much AMC/Renault hyped this car when it was introduced into the US market.  I was a little kid, and remember thinking it was great—–however as i grew older, things changed….

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foto of the day. 117.

One of the lesser known and more cool 60s and 70s japanese cars; the Giugaro penned Isuzu 117 Coupe. It had a long production run, however not really sold outside of Japan; hence why it’s super rare to see one here.

I have to admit, I only became aware of this car after playing Gran Turismo!

a nice bit of writing about the history of the 117 here, although I cannot get the pictures to load.

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weird of the day. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I got this monstrosity of a photoshop from a blog known as Fiat Returns To America

To my friends over at that blog (nice blog, by the way), I think you have the right intent, and i applaud your appeal to resurrect the Alfa Romeo Montreal nameplate; HOWEVER good god not on a Challenger body!  Have you guys seen the size of a Challenger?  It is monstrous large….have you seen a Montreal in real life? it’s pretty damn small.

i do thank you for the entertainment!  It would be great to see an Alfa Montreal resurrected….just not this!

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weird of the day.

A one-off  or a urquattro wagon (i would rather call it a “shooting brake”) made by Guenther Artz in the 80s.  A bit more info here:


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art of the day. fulvia.

done by Klem on deviantart

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Fast Lane Daily: Nurburgring $1000 challenge!

Interesting challenge.  Can one get to and drive the nurburgring for under $1k?

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meet the original. 1959 Porsche T7 754/1961 695 (ur 911 concept)

I was interested to find out what the original concept car of the Porsche 911 looked like; and i have found it!  It is called the T7 754 (have also seen the number 695 used).  This was the original design proposed by FA Porsche but was rejected until until the rear end was changed, as explained the video below.  The front end is unmistakedly 911, however it is very interesting to see the original rear end proposed way back in 1959.  I was not familiar with this car before today;

some more info:

“The Porsche 695, also known as the T7 prototype, is an automobile from Porsche It was a prototype made in 1961 and later became the Porsche 911. The front end is very similar to the 911, but the rear is somewhat different. The 695 was developed from the Porsche 356 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and has a wheel base that is 100mm longer (up to 300 mm longer in early designs). It has a top speed of 200km/h.

Designed in the late-Fifties, the 695 was intended to be a true four-seater sports car. It was with the 695 that Porsche decided upon the use of the flat-six powerplant which has been the mainstay of the 911 range ever since. However, despite the 695 having entered the test-driving and development stage, Porsche management decided against the four-seater arrangement, and demanded that the car be redesigned in traditional two-plus-two arrangement, with smaller rear seats.

The successer was badged the 901, and was unveiled in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A year later, it was released onto the roads as the 911.”

Porsche 695 – Wikicars

a short video showing the car, with similar info:

BTW, the car is currently located inside the beautiful Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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BMW has ruined Mini.

Yes what you see above, is a 2-door Mini crossover which will debut next month as the Mini Paceman.  Sort of like a 2 door version of their extremely hideous Mini Countryman.  The Countryman, is like a raised SUV-like version of their Mini Clubman—-which in turn is an elongated version of their spectacularly annoying Mini Cooper.  I always loved the ‘original’ Mini since my many trips to the UK and I loved the ‘new” Mini Cooper after it was initially introduced, for about 6 months.  I convinced a friend of mine to buy one immediately; then she hit a curb in her Cooper S and totaled it! Really? totaled it by hitting a curb—-bent the frame and axle….quality.

I hate Mini interiors—-they are horribly overdone, ghastly, and awkward.  I don’t think i’ve ever felt comfortable inside of a modern Mini.  I look at the original Mini and often think how brilliant it was; and how far it has fallen under the arthritic grip of BMW.   So now we are left with Mini Cooper S cars which have 210hp and weigh 2600 pounds.  How can a mini weigh 2600 pounds?  How is that NOT a fail?  the original Mini weighed between 1400 and 1600 pounds.   The whole point of this car was to keep it LIGHT and nimble… Colin Chapman’s wet dream.

WHY is BMW making 3300 pound versions of Minis that are crossovers?  This is a complete WHORING of the Mini name—-an insult to the original idea and ethos of the brand.  Nice one BMW—-you f*cked up Mini!

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obsessions. gt3.

These days, i  am utterly obsessed with the 997 GT3.  To me, it is the perfect Porsche.  Of course i love ‘older’ 911s….as the simple mechanics of vintage cars appeals to me greatly; but i also live a modern lifestyle, i drive to work in NYC all the time, i drive in the winter, i drive around aimlessly for a laugh, i like technology but not too much.  I absolutely love the GT3.

i also love the line that Chris says in this video that says “I love it when people say these don’t sound as good as the air-cooled cars, cos that is utter shit! this sounds wonderful”……BRAVO Chris…..down with the air-cooled snobs!

they’re coming down in price quickly…i see 2nd hand ones in the $80k-90k range…..996s are down in the $40-60k range.  Audi R8s are floating down to the $80k range as well……i tell you, a couple years from now….and a 997 GT3 in the $60k range, assuming all continues in my life according to plans——-WILL definitely be a frontrunner for my garage spot.


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favourite videos.

i can never get enough of this video……the Audi IMSA cars were in a league of their own….one of the greatest race cars of our lifetime.  Nothing sounds like a 5 Cylinder 720hp engine. Amazing.  I love the fact that Audi came to the USA and kicked the crap out of everything on the track for the IMSA league, and then left…..just brilliant.

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foto of the day. urquattro

with fat 5 (TT) wheels? never seen that before…WANT.

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video of the day. 1962 Spa Francorchamps. Lucien Bianci

on board in a Ferrari! (not sure which one yet…)

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foto of the day. skodas in a field.

not sure if this is from an advertisement, but i’m guessing it is…..i like all the hippy little euro teenagers (adults?) chillin having a picnic, so much pleasure these Skodas brought to their eastern bloc dreams!

i like the foto.  gloomy forest, colourful 2nd rate euroboxes, and happy weird people.

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foto of the day. neu GT3 RS

well, not really new—-just livery and slight changes for 2011.  love this pic though.

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massive R8 fail.

always wanted a 4 door R8?

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Mike Hawthorn + mic at chest + traffic + le Mans + D-Type = so cool.

What a sweet bizarre video!  They put a regular broadcasting mic to Hawthorn’s chest, and them set him loose in a D-type going around the Le Mans circuit with bicyclists just cruising down the track.  filmed in 1956.  Epic cool.

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foto of the day. 911s

heavily modified, out of LMP motorcars in Japan.

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book review (erm, partial): “Gold Plated Porsche…….”

Yes I am in the midst of a Porsche phase right now. Bought this fantastic book entitled Gold Plated Porsche: How I Sank A Small Fortune Into A Used Car And Other Misadventures.  The author is journalist Stephan Wilkinson, who has worked at Car & Driver in the past, among other places.   I am calling this a “partial” review….even though i should probably call it “fractional” as I am only on pp. 50! ha.  But i think the book is definitely worth picking up.  Wilkinson’s banter about cars, the culture of petrolheads, and how he selected his 911 has already paid the measly $10 i paid for the softcover.

Summary so far: he wants to restore a car…by himself…and properly restore it.  this is the story of him buying a run down old 911 SC and pouring money into it to turn it into exactly what he always wanted; HIS perfect 911.

Apparently, Mr. Wilkinson has written some other car books as well.  Will have to check them out after i finish reading this one.

Amazon link:


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