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foto of the day. 99.

I love the Saab 99—-so much character.  This is from a front page of a 1971 catalogue for the car.

Besides that, i think Saab have the best font usage of any carmaker over the years.

Ferrari who?

the absolutely remarkable Lamborghini Aventador.

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“C’Etait Un Rendez-Vous”: the Mercedes that could.

I first saw “C’Etait Un Rendez-Vous” about 7 years ago, and was absolutely blown away by it.  I used to watch it every day for a while.  A couple of years later, after speaking to a ‘car guru’ friend of mine, I learned that the car in the short film was NOT a Ferrari 275 GTB, but a Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9, which was later admitted in interviews by Claude Lelouch, maker of the film.  Since then, i’ve made it my duty to point this out to almost everyone who seems to think it is a Ferrari 275 GTB, the same thing I USED to think—until i was told the truth.

The sound of the engine, has been rumoured to be overdubbed from a Ferrari 275 GTB, something I feel to be consistent with the sound—unless proven otherwise by some other documentation.

I found this sweet photo of Mr. Lelouch mounting his camera kit on the SEL @ The Torrible Zone

(2nd grainy photo from

I’ve seen this clip about a million times, but I suppose for context and for people who have never seen it—-it is worth reposting here.

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video of the day. Alfa Romeo Junior Z @ Tsukuba.

Yes it is slow as a fat cow’s balls—but that’s not the point here!  One of my favourite Alfas, with that glorious sound on one of my favourite tracks in the world.

The return of Evo magazine’s Project Veyrog!

A couple of years ago, Evo Magazine bought a MK1 Audi TT 225 Coupe to modify and turn into a track day monster—the car’s progress had been updated through the Autumn of 2009, and then it fell off the face of the earth.  Well it is back, and will be doing track days all summer.  Good stuff; i’ll be following along.

foto of the day. M3.

The first REAL car (not counting KITT from Knight Rider & Dukes Of Hazzard’s General Lee—or the Batmobile, or any other crazy TV show car!) I ever got obsessed with—-like i-want-to-drive-one-now….when i was 9 years  was the BMW E30 M3.  For a long time, I thought I would just wait til I got older and buy one——-now, however, it seems that everyone else who wanted one, has bought them while they were cheap—-and have RUINED them by cheesy modifications and unoriginality.  I rarely see a non-bastardized E30 M3 anywhere.  I still would like to own one of these in the future, as it would go lovely with a urquattro in the same garage.  I find myself checked into reality by knowing that there are already very few well kept cars around, and there will be even less available by the time i start looking for one.   A shame, really….

(this one, in the photo—is actually an M3 Evolution Sport—which never came to the US market, as far as I know)

5-Cylinder Fury: Audi TT-RS & Audi Sport quattro

Fourtitude has posted some absolutely STELLAR photos of the absolutely legendary Audi Sport quattro and the new heir to the throne and future classic Audi TT-RS.  Obviously, being the Audiphile that I am—i was overcome with excitement frantically downloading every glorious photo I could. Here are some of my favourites.  Follow the link here to see the whole huge gallery of Audi porn.

It is a great article as well, with a link to the gallery of 100+ photos at the bottom right hand side of the page:

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all types of hotness. GT3 RS 4.0.

(photo from Jalopnik)

I am a HUGE fan of the Porsche 911 GT3—–so i got all hot and bothered when I saw that they are offering a ‘special edition’ 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

This video is filled with a strange german man who moves his hands around too much—-but the car itself is all types of hotness.  Who really cares what supercars are doing, when something this fantastic exists?  Limited to 600 cars.  $185k a pop.

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foto of the day. monaco hatch.

The engine of the year for us in the USA is most definitely the new 2.5L 5 cylinder turbo that is being introduced in the TT-RS this autumn.  The TT-RS is probably the most exciting sports car being released on US shores in 2011 after the truly remarkable BMW 1M.  I had a conversation with Audi Of America’s product manager today about the imminent launch of the car.  The details are still in their final stages, but the first cars will be delivered in the early Autumn it seems.  Exciting stuff—especially as I have a few friends ordering one.   For anyone here interested—ordering guides are now available from Audi dealers across the US—pricing, however, is not finalized yet.  The car will be arriving, however, with the upgraded 360hp “RS Plus” configuration.  It’s gonna be an epic daily driver…

So here’s a car which shares the glorious engine….but a car which will never make it to US shores in this form—-that being said, the 2013 Audi A3 which is slated for US shores may end up with an RS3 version with the same glorious engine—so all is not lost!

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Top Gear Alfa Romeo Challenge.

If you haven’t seen this episode of Top Gear—-it is a classic!

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commercial(s) of the day. Strada & Brava (US).

“designed by computer modeling”!!!!!  Fiat responded to the VW Golf/Rabbit with this monstrosity…

The Brava, on the other hand…looked alright, but had the integrity of a pair of flip flops.  I love how the whole ad is filmed in a suburban neighbourhood somewhere in middle US soil! how tactical…..

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video of the day. Veyron vs. ‘Switzer’ GT-R

Well this video is pretty mindblowing.  I’m a huge fan of the immense extravagance of the Bugatti Veyron; i think it is one of the great technologic achievements in motoring——what what in the world is powering that GT-R in the video?

So i looked up what a “Switzer” GT-R is, and I have found that it is the 800hp ‘tuned’ version called the “P800”, costing between $50k-$100k to complete.   Apparently now there is a 1000hp version called the P1k as well now.

Well I suppose this is where IEDEI will start its coverage of the GT-R——I have a new appreciation for the car since sitting in one for the first time yesterday—-and I haven’t even driven it yet.

BTW—-i have no idea what is the deal with this video, is it rigged? is it real? i have no idea.

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foto of the day. coupes.

Fantastic coupes of the early to mid 70s!!

Audi 100 Coupe S

Lancia Beta Coupe

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

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IEDEI @ the NY Auto Show: press day megapost!

Well yes, this was the debut of IEDEI at a major auto show—I must thank JoshD from Quattroworld for setting me up with my media pass.  Much appreciated indeed!  at IEDEI you will not get photos of ‘every car’—-instead you will just get the ones i thought were interesting!

Some observations about the cars I saw at the Auto Show today:

A) I looked at and sat in A LOT of cars today and came up with a conclusion—–I like very few of them.  I tried to only really take photos of the ones I either found interesting or appealing in some way.

B) The interior quality of most cars is quite frankly woeful.  When I sat inside of a Boss 302 Mustang, I was quite frankly amazed at how badly made the interiors really are of these cars.  I KNOW that this is not the point of them—and yes I know that none of this matters when one is aiming for lap times and stop light drag racing.  However, IEDEI looks at the whole picture for inspiration—-and if a car has such a huge glaring gap in its merit, I simply cannot be bothered to care.  After the show, i got into my Audi TT, and felt relieved to be in such a nice place!  Not to say there were not nice interiors at the show, there were (Mercedes, Audi, GT-R, etc…) but most were lacking.

C) Surprises of the day?  I sat in a Nissan GT-R for the first time in my life—–and you know what? I absolutely LOVED it.  The interior felt like a true sports car, with amazingly high quality construction, fantastic seats, and the most amazing tactile paddle shifters I have ever felt on a car—–with raw brushed metal stalks.  The car felt great to sit in—and to be honest I am compelled to take one for a test drive…soon hopefully!

D) the Kia Optima felt like an Audi—honestly the quality of their interior blew me away, and I think that Peter Schreyer (ex-Audi designer) has really upped Kia’s game when it comes to quality of product.  I don’t care for Hyundai much—–but when i took a seat in the Kia Optima, it felt like an interior that was twice the price of the car. Nice one, Kia.

E) the Scion FR-S—-stunning.

F) VW Beetle: dissappointing.  Terribly cheap and tacky interior.  Not worth the hype.

some photos:

Fiat steering wheels:

Bentley random goods!

BMW 1-series M:  just looked like a ‘modded’ 135i in person; a bit dissappointing to be honest.  The interior, like the 135i, felt cheap and nasty.  I really do like the 1-series as a car, however I think it never quite lives up to how much I want to like it.   I’m sure it will still kick ass on a track though…

BMW M3 DTM: all types of wonderful.

Audi TT-RS – naturally better looking than the 1-series M, with a much MUCH nicer interior.  Spoke with Johan De Nysschen (head of Audi Of America) about options and pricing.  I was told the car will be about $60k in the US when it is launched this Autumn.  340hp version coming to the US, not the 360hp “plus” version as rumoured.  This is the US-spec car.

the orgasm inducing Audi R8 GT: i couldn’t really get myself to leave sitting in this.  So f*cking cool it pained me to leave it—-

the stunning Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Gulf livery?  Not sure I understand Mercedes & Gulf colours on the same car—–however I wasn’t arguing, as it looked splendid, although a little bit puzzling for sure!

Mercedes A-Class Concept: beautiful design, flows very well.  striking concept features like the ‘inverted mesh grille’ are very cool.  Slated for the US market in 2013—-if it looks anything like this, it will be so cool to see these on the street!

Nissan GT-R: dare i say i have been developing a great appreciation for the GT-R as a technological masterpiece; today my opinion of it greatly increased after I fell in love with the interior—–it felt like i belonged there.   Yes I know it’s been around for a while, but I’ve only come to understand it. Respect.

Red Bull F1 Car it still annoys me that somehow Infiniti have blagged their way onto this car (probably by begging parent company Renault, who supply the Red Bull engines)—–however man these F1 cars are something else to see in person.  So much detail.

Scion FR-S:  This car is UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous—-so beautiful that I found myself shocked that Toyota has designed it.  It takes many cues from the Audi quattro Sport concept, as well as one of the E-tron concepts—–but holy shit if Toyota/Scion can build this and price it at $25k as a small, RWD car which is under 3000 pounds—-this car is going to be massive!  (note: this car was a mock up, with no working interior—-so i’m not holding my breath about this being the production design)

Saab Phoenix Concept – This was revealed at the Geneva Auto Show a few months back——I thought it looked like utter shit in those photos i saw of it then, BUT i will say the car looks MUCH better in person—-much lower and sleeker.  In fact, while I was taking these photos, another person and I were having a conversation about how this car looks like crap in the camera, but much better in person—-very strange!  Even still, it is NOT a pretty design, but I will say it is interesting.  Yes, the rear lights look like a 90s Firebird, as my friend from mentioned…and next to the car in this photo is the designer Jason Castriota.

Volkswagen Golf R/”R20″– really liked the interior touches for this special edition AWD continuation of the Golf R series.  Looked nice and aggressive in its classic R shade of blue as well!

Porsche GT3-R Hybrid – self explanatory cool, even as a hybrid!

I found myself accidentally in front of a Shelby GTS unveiling—–but the car bored me (looks like every other bloody Shelby tuned Mustang!), and the annoying automotive journalists irritated me even more.  I have to say that auto journalists kinda suck—–pushy, a little impatient, and they take way too many photos of anything with wheels….as if they will never see it again if they don’t…

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foto (s) of the day. R18!

The Audi R18  TDI is simply stunning—-the most striking race car i’ve seen in many, many years.  I will be proud to be supporting Audi during the next Le Mans!  Here it is in its full Audi Sport livery.  All 3 cars! 1, 2, and 3.

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A110 of the day.

From the special IEDEI Alpine A110 foto archives.

Henry Giraglia & his Alpine A110 in 1975

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foto of the day. 131.

Fiat 131 Abarth, to be exact!

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alfa romeo junior z.

yes i love the Alfa Romeo Junior Z—–i know lots of people don’t like it, and i’ve had conversations with Alfisti who discredit its weird Zagato roots and shape—-however I find it to be quite unique, and in person it is very very tiny and compact! All types of cool!   I did learn something new today though; that the Junior Z was made in 2 forms, a short tail 1300 and a ‘longer’ tail 1600.  Also on the Alfa Workshop, there is a photo of a ‘mid-engined’ variant….

The Junior Z is quickly catching up to the Montreal when it comes to my favourite post WW2 Alfa Romeos.

these archival photos taken from the Alfa Workshop  

These scans were found on the AlfaBB some time ago, and I had saved them.  I’m not sure exactly who had scanned them.

CLICK TO ENLARGE (article is in English!)

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