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Wanna smell like a new car interior?


since i was young, i’ve been fascinated by the ‘new car smell’.  i remember going car shopping with my parents and just sitting in those brand new weird 80s cars….getting high on the beautiful smell of leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics, and wood…..just a great smell.  The cars with leather seats obviously had the most interesting smells (aside from BMWs, which just smell like a dirty fat pig butchered in a farm…ahem).

when i first smelled Kiton Black, the first thing that came to my mind was the smell of a new Mercedes-Benz.  It reminded me of the MB E500 my father picked up a few years ago.  Warm suede and leather and a fresh (not overly) clean and airy smell with a very light touch of fruit (very light) thrown over it.  I was instantly convinced.

this stuff is great, truly understated class in every way.  Kiton are generally known for their fine (and very expensive) men’s clothing line—consisting of bespoke suits, shirts, pants, etc.  Kiton Black is their latest fragrance, introduced in 2007 and is supposedly a variation of their previous scent Kiton Man (which i have not tried).  But this stuff is masculine class at its finest in a bottle…

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Foto of the day.

Got this great pic of a Lamborghini 400GT off the wonderful Autofiends blog. What a great picture…..KEEP CLICKING the picture to get the full hi-res version.


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Lancia Aurelia B20 GT on Auction!

Y’know that car in the IEDEI banner up at the top of this blog? That’s what this car is.  I almost NEVER see this on auction OR on sale in the USA…..and this one has a buy-it-now of $50,000.  What a gorgeous car.  This is the car Nuvolari used to drive around in when he wasn’t racing……

Anyone got a spare $50,000 lying around?



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BMW 2002 Turbo wallpapers.

fantastic car. fantastic pics.

(click through for hi-res versions)



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1973 , Outlon Park, in a Camaro

the beginning is just some conversation, quite humourous i do find!

listen to that sound of the classic Camaro. heavenly.

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Album covers with cars.

Oh, so here are some good records with some ace cars on the cover.  The Boom Boom Satellites covers, in particular…are just so groovy.  Alpines!

Got any others? leave a comment with a link to the picture!

Boom Boom Satellites – “Out Loud” LP and “Push Eject” EP



Menswe@r – “Daydreamer” (single)


Arthur & Martha – “Autovia” (single)


Oasis – “Be Here Now” LP


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Porsche museum.

some really fantastic classic Porsches in a beautiful museum setting.  Makes for good wallpaper indeed! Hi-Res versions are available if you follow the link…




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1971 Iberia Trophy racing.

This is some AMAZING stuff.  Watch Part 1 and part 2 right here!  From Crystal Palace circuit (now gone…).

Part 1.

Part 2.

KPGC10 Skyline GT-R Video

As you know, I am a HUGE fan of the early 70s KPGC10 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Screw the ‘new’ Skylines. This is the one I want!

Here’s a great video i found on t’Tube. (except for the soundtrack, which has been brought straight from 80s japanese HELL!)

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vintage style LeMans bags!

Another great website found with fantastic LeMans era style bags for guys and girls at Grand Prix Originals.  I’m really into that Monza-style messenger bag with the quilts they have in the front! Prices are actually quite good on this site, and they’ve got alot of other great LeMans memorabilia, jackets, books, videos, and other accessories to check out.

Here’s a preview of a few bags, prices range from 69 euros all the way to 380 euros for the large leather travel bag.  Click at the link below the pictures for more details!




CLICK HERE to see more bags at their site…….

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FREE Victory By Design: Making Of @ Apple iTunes


I was rolling through Apple’s iTunes store today and noticed that a 20+ minute video outlining the Victory By Design series showing how the series is filmed and put together is available for a free download!

Firstly, this is a GREAT series. The cars they test and talk about are simply stunning. Alain De Cadenet is obviously very into these cars as well, and really exercises them through some beautiful mountain roads in the VBD series.

Apple iTunes is selling the various episodes from the series in their store for $15 a pop (much cheaper than the $26 they cost on DVD and more expensive than the $0 it costs on torrents)—however it might be worth it to get those episodes in high quality vs. the crappy quality versions found on torrents.

For now though, make sure you head over to iTunes and get the FREE Victory By Design: The Making Of in your library. The video is superb! Not alot of talking, but interesting insights into the show and most of all, some amazing footage of some amazing cars.

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Huet Brothers stuff




So this company makes a vintage sports car dedicated to the glory days of Mille Miglia races.  The car is based off the (already lovely) Triumph TR6—but bodied in a modern carbon fiber shell.  700kg + 180hp + Inline 6-cylinder? YES PLEASE!  Unfortunately these cars are quite limited edition (12 produced, as far as i can see)—but y’never know what may happen in the future (more production?).

Huet Brothers also makes some pretty fantastic gear for petrolheads, including some really affordable 35 quid driving gloves which look pretty damn good from where i’m sitting.  Also, their leather carry-all vintage racing bags look absolutely badass in every way.  I want one. Bad.  They also sell a range of watches (currently sold out) as well as vintage helmets.


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