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foto of the day. Lambo snow.

Not sure where this photo originates from, but it was taken this week in IEDEI’s hometown of NYC! Fantastic. Lamborghini Murcielago.

(click to enlarge)

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta; official pics

the worst part of this story is that it seems the car is NOT coming to the USA.  oh Fiat you are causing us great pain y’know….meanwhile, check out a few official pics.  GORGEOUS.  not entirely convinced by the interior, but i’m sure the materials and finish are superb as Alfa Romeo interiors generally are.

Several different versions have been developed: two Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) models fitted with a 235 horsepower 1.75-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, two Distinctive models fitted with a 170 horsepower 2.0-liter JTDM turbodiesel engine and a Base model fitted with a 170 horsepower 1.4-liter MultiAir turbocharged gasoline mill.

All the engines are teamed with a six-speed manual as standard while the MultiAir and JTDM engines are available with an optional dual clutch automatic transmission.

Info and pics from:

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foto of the day. 507 & Z8.

Two of my favourite  and MOST beautiful BMWs, together.  Striking, really….

BMW 507 & BMW Z8

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. aston v8.


MTM Audi S3 for sale in Michigan!

Auto Europe in Birmingham, Michigan (a few miles from where i grew up!) has a 2009 Audi S3 MTM for sale at the moment with less than 5,000 miles.  I have inquired about the car and it comes with a full factory warranty (or remainder of), and is priced at $49,000.

After IEDEI brought you an exclusive article about Horschaus/MTM bringing european RS models into the US, it seems that this one is a US-spec Audi A3 2.0T Quattro which has been officially been converted from Germany to S3-spec.  MTM offers such an S3 conversion, which upgrades everything from suspension to wheels (MTM Bimoto wheels! sweet) to exhaust and even down to the S3 trim (door sills, badges, etc.).

What you end up with is a 270+ hp equivelant to a euro spec Audi S3.  Not bad at all!  $49k isn’t a bad price either, considering that IF the S3 did ever make it to the US officially, it would likely start in the mid-$40k range anyway.

The only issues i find with this car is (A) DSG instead of a manual, and (B) those absurd decals on the car (which i’m sure can be removed).  Otherwise, quite a car….and I have minimal experience with DSG, so maybe I can learn to love it as others have.

Check out the photos below, and if you’re interested go to the Auto Europe website linked at the bottom of the post for lots more photos and some specs:

from Auto Europe’s website:

The vehicle was bought via the Audi European Delivery Program and picked up from the factory in Ingolstadt and sent to the nearby MTM facility.  The conversion work was completed and the vehicle was shipped to America.  This particular vehicle has been featured in several magazines and is a very rare vehicle.

Audi Original S3 Bumpers and Side Skirts

Audi Original S3 345 x 30 mm Brakes

MTM 19 x 8.5 Bimoto Wheels with Pirellli P-Zero 235/35/ZR19 91Y

MTM 25mm Lower Springs

MTM Exhaust (Turbo-back, 70 mm stainless steel)

·MTM Chip Tuning (272 HP)

S- Line Trim

DSG Transmission

Panoramic Sunroof


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BUY: Lancia Fulvia T-shirt.

Slick are selling this kickass Lancia Fulvia shirt.  Go buy it.

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hello: Audi RS5.

Looks fantastic, as expected.  Engine specs haven’t been released yet, although i’m hoping forced induction.  450hp at least,  could it be a 3.0 Twin Turbo or 4.2L V8?  Possible.   Either way….it looks epic.

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foto of the day. 2000GT

in my opinion, the most beautiful japanese car ever made; the Toyota 2000GT

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art of the day. beta monte carlo.

one of my favourite automobile artists, Rob Ijbema…..painting a very cool car.  Lancia Beta Monte Carlo.

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foto of the day. 911.

and it’s a REAL fatty…..

sorry, don’t have any high-res of this photo! if anyone does, lemme know.

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Audi A1 on the street…

As you can probably tell already, IEDEI is quite fond of the new Audi A1 and really wants it to come to the US market, however recently i’ve found out that there is a VERY slim chance of the car making it over here.  Pricing continues to be the issue, and Audi Of America seems skeptical that americans will pay $25k for a little hatchback.  In my opinion, people regularly pay $25k for Minis all the time….so bring some over and try it!


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foto of the day. A6G

Maserati A6G Ghia (owned by Jay Kay).

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foto of the day. 131 Abarth.

1978 Fiat 131 Abarth!

(click to enlarge)


a sinister Audi R8.

done up by AE Performance using ADV.1 Wheels.

thanks to Quattroholic for the tip!

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On board: MK2 Escort Rally

Driver: Kris Meeke

Cheers to Colla Verglas for the post!

in 2 parts:

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BMW E21 video.

Gotta love those old scenes, with those bending and leaning Audis and E21 BMWs!

cheers to DRIVR for the tip!

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Onboard: Alpine A110.

One of my top 3 ultimate dream cars, the ultra-fantastic ALPINE A110. All i can do is keep imagining myself behind the wheel……errr…..rolling through Brooklyn? Yeah that’s right.

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the horror! Lamborghini Gallardo converted into a Mustang!

There are no words to describe just exactly how absurd this is.   Most people take cars like Mustangs and try to turn them into Lamborghinis…..but just watch what happens in this situation.

WARNING: the following photos are graphic in nature.

tipped from:

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foto(s) of the day. 1602 Electric.

Did you know that BMW made an electric car in 1972? They presented it at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich that year.  Yes it was a 1972 BMW 1602 Electric Drive. Here are the cutaway pics.


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foto of the day. GTAM.

you gotta love an authentic, 1970s photo of an ALFA ROMEO GTAM getting ready to rumble! Get a groove on.

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