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foto of the day. TR6 umbrella.

Umbrella makes for a nice roofline on this Triumph TR6!

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Audi A1 Clubsport quattro

THIS is why I love Audi—–because (A) they are insane, and (B) their attention to detail.  This is a 503hp (!!!!) concept version of their A1 named Clubsport quattro. The engine? Probably the best production engine on the market right now, the 2.5L 5 Cylinder turbo from the TT-RS.  Production? NOT likely!  That being said, i’m pretty sure we are going to see a rock solid S1 (or maybe with a different name, as crossover with the original ‘S1″ may not work out).  RS1? I am not so sure.  But the final result is me feeling VERY dissappointed that we will never get the A1 in this country.  503hp…..holy wow.

Sketches of what kind of gearknob to put in! the details….the details…

LOTS of pictures! (enlarge for higher res)

source: AUDI


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foto of the day. R8 GT.

I was a bit overly excited as i sat in one of these at the NY Auto Show last month—-I enjoyed it so much that I just kept sitting in the car….for over 15 minutes!  It is a monster….and beautifully made.




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R8 GT vs. SLS AMG vs GT2 RS

Again—a video of which i understand pretty much nothing.  But I LOVE all 3 of these cars and the footage is great!  22 minutes of…


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foto of the day. TZ1.

Alfa Romeo TZ1


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foto of the day. 911SC

I’m really growing fond of this generation of late 70s/early 80s 911s…especially the SC.  Undervalued, great engines, and very well made.  While the world stays obsessed with late 60s/early 70s 911s—-i feel that this generation is quietly lurking in the background—-and actually may represent a better car in almost every way.

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video of the day. Fulvia!

I can’t understand anything—so here’s my take. A man goes and checks out a Lancia Fulvia HF!

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Allan McNish on being an Audi racing driver.

McNish is one of my favourite endurance drivers—-and a great driver.  Le Mans is coming on June 11th!

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the ugliest car in the world….


my purpose for this post is a sinister one.

A) i want this photo to become the #1 google image result for the Toyota Prius

B) i want ‘prospective’ Toyota Prius buyers to come here, and understand that they look like idiots driving around in their ugly box of batteries and electronic wankery

C) i want these US buyers to consider buying a clean diesel VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI—which get similar MPG performance—-and save  the world the horror of seeing this ugly Prius monstrosity on our streets.  Think of the children, people!!!

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foto of the day. 99 Turbo.

love these—i think they are timeless classics in every sense of the word!

foto taken from Trollhatten Saab

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quattro Sport Concept @ Concorso D’eleganza Villa D’este

My favourite current concept car——i am full hope that this badboy gets produced.  If it does, you bet every dollar I will be selling parts of my spleen to get myself one—-in BLACK thank you very much!

Photos courtesy of

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foto of the day. 328.

Speaking of that ‘tribute’ to the BMW 328 Mille Miglia—–here’s the real version of the 1954 coupe.

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video of the day. Senna and rally cars.

This is some amazing home video footage of Ayrton Senna testing rally cars.  Thanks to Chris Harris for sharing this.

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art of the day. A110

Got this from the fantastic Alpine Portugal page

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BMW 328 Hommage.

Interesting—-i loved the Mille Miglia concept a few years ago—this continues the look back on history.  I don’t feel it is particularly a nice design, however I like certain features which kick back to the past like the leather straps and the ‘bucktooth’ kidney grille in the front.  BMW, design-wise, have become a shell of their former self in the past 10-15 years, in my opinion—-and I don’t think it will hurt them at all to look at their historical past for inspiration.  Here’s hoping they bring the proper design cues which made them so glorious from the 60s through early 90s back.

This car weighs just around 1700+ pounds! Lightweight engineering, that is something to love.

FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE (registration required)

(IEDEI sepia tuned photos)

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come to me, oh clean ur quattro.

4Star Classics has some great stuff, and here they present a VERY clean late-model year 1989 Audi (Ur) quattro 10v.  It is often thought that these late-model year quattros (made until 1990/91) were some of the best coupes made in this configuration.  Sales in this country had all but ended by then, but continued in Europe.  This particular one is right-hand drive, but with an immaculate interior and beautiful paint work—as well as those fantastic euro-spec bumpers and headlights.

Costs a little bit over 10,000 GBP….and well worth it.

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art of the day. nuvolari.

i’ve always been a huge fan of Rob Ijbema‘ s artwork—-i will buy a painting one of these days.   Here’s another one by him of Nuvolari in his glorious Auto Union.

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foto of the day (2): 131A

Fiat 131 Abarth

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foto of the day. 1932.

1932 Monza GP, to be exact. Nuvolari in the Alfa Romeo.

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german car company websites…

I like presentations, and stylistic analysis of what is being represented.  I find it interesting to check out of some of the german companies to see how their website front pages compare.  Yes you mind find this a bit insignificant, and without any real substance——BUT i feel it does have substance.  I feel it shows the philosophies of these companies….and to whom they are catering to.

BMW:  A cluttered, and slightly primitive looking site—-doesn’t really look like it is fitting in with the brand image.

AUDI:  The most minimalist website out of all the 4 brands I looked at.  No added frames or unnecessary features.  I like the focused energy going on here—with the nice grey background.

MERCEDES-BENZ:  a nice website with a photo-heavy base with border navigation on the top margin.  Same type of grey shades as Audi uses; however used quite differently.  The most ‘movement’ is seen on the MB site, as well as the smallest lettering.

PORSCHE:  Much better than the BMW site, but still a bit dissappointing. The ‘small’ icon photos of each car on the left navigator bar is quite annoying, imo.

VW: simple and uncomplicated with a clear goal of shoving its new Jetta into sales-heaven…..

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