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the stranger next generation Porsche 911

I saw some photos of the ‘next’ 911 on Car Magazine‘s site earlier….and can’t help but find the new outline a little awkward.  That front end looks very upright, and the whole car looks quite a bit longer than the outgoing 997.  Whether this is simply an illusion doe to the way the photo was taken, or whether it’s real i’m not sure.  But i am sure that i’m not too sure that i like it!  We’ll have to wait til the camo comes off for the full view judgement.

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foto(s) of the day. Koepchen BMWs.

An original racing company who also tuned BMW 1800s in the 70s.  Koepchen.

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take a foto.  fuck it up.

Click to get wallpaper size

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1983 & Lancia.

Look at that interior! Look at the fitting of the seat fabric! Quality spelled out in 1-9-8-3. I found myself laughing at this page of a Lancia Prisma (4-door brother to the Delta) brochure from 1983……and i thought american cars were rubbish from that time….the horror!

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video/song of the day: Bo’Tox “Crashed Cadillac”

There’s no Cadillac in this video, but the combination of this car and this song really do it for me! Sinister….and dusty.

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big children! GT5 out today!

1000 cars.  build your own tracks.  the previous version have been amazing…and this one will be too i’m sure.  I am picking mine up later today…..if you are even remotely into cars, this is a MUST OWN!!!  There goes my weekend…err…week….err…month…year?



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audi quattro concept; real life pics!

Thanks to Brad (Automobiliac) for pointing me towards this post on Jalopnik, where they show real life pics of the quattro concept in Malibu, California!  The best new design of 2010 looks even better in the real world! WOW! DO WANT.

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Top Gear USA = massive fail.

I just wasted one hour of my life watching Top Gear USA.

No chemistry, no humour, horrible redneck music, a 20 minute badly filmed segment on a Dodge Viper getting chased by a helicopter.  How can they possible make 3 Lamborghinis look boring?  Even if you just parked them in a supermarket parking lot, they seem exciting.  How could this happen?

I am quite sure that I could make a more entertaining show with a $500 budget and a few video cameras and a couple cars.   Hell, i could probably make a better show with a twinkie and a 1981 Chevy Citation.

Sack em! Cancel it! Get out while there’s still time, geezers!

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foto of the day. T26c

The gorgeous Lago-Talbot (or Talbot-Lago) T26c

(click to enlarge)

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2011 video game preview: Dirt 3

Next week, i am trading in my dusty, neglected old Playstation 2 for a new Playstation 3 with Gran Turismo 5.  Gran Turismo 5 is released next week, on the 24th….i’m damn excited.  The previous games in the series have been amazing…..each one bettering the previous.

Here’s another game I just found out about today.  It will be out in 2011.  It’s called “Dirt 3” a continuation of the Dirt series of Rally games.  Looks like my GT5 disc is going to have some company in the flat!

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James Hunt…my new all-time favourite F1 driver.

Check out the punch, yo! HA!

thanks to: Motorsport Retro for showing me the video!

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Thanks to Motoring Con Brio for introducing me to these pics.

These are great. Blurry, lo-fi, dark, and sinister photos taken around the famous Mullholland Drive.

A Time To Get:





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foto of the day. B20.

From a vintage auto parts book….so cool.  One of the most beautiful cars ever.  The Lancia Aurelia B20 GT.

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Porsche Cayman R.

Just debut’d at the LA auto show, although the photos i’m seeing of the actual car are pissing me off as they have ‘polished lip’ wheels; which, for me, ruin everything.

But i’m digging the idea and the car.  330hp. lighter. cooler interior.  better exterior.  $66k.  sweet! it’s like a pocket sized GT3.

more pics and info here:

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Fiat 500 USA configurator now up.

This car is exciting me.  $15.5k base…, small, and a Fiat back in the US market!

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my favourite Toyota Prius.

the most irritating car in the world….SHOT UP AND DESTROYED!!!!  excellent.

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foto of the day. gt3.

So i’ve developed a very unhealthy admiration of the Porsche 911 GT3 these days, maybe because it is practical and insanely fast… ass-whoopish fast compared to nearly anything on the road; but also because i met a gentleman at a car show a few months ago, who was talking to me about his new GT3 RS….who told me one of his favourite cars he ever owned was a TT 225 Coupe, and then proceeded to convince me that i should be driving a used GT3…. this conversation really sank in over time.  Pre-owned GT3s are a hell of a deal……..996s especially—–HOWEVER i still hate the interior of the 996, and i had the exterior weird side skirts and thin body of the 996s as well…..not enough muscle, too much skinny finesse…..what also ruins it for me, is how several people i’ve spoken to who have driven and/or owned a 996 GT3 seem to say the same thing; that the car is very fidgety and not so stable turning nicely paved roads into concrete slabs of hell with shifty wheels?

How would i want mine?  Black on black of course—the only combination for me….but no worries, it’s not happening any time soon….997s are still pulling $90k and above.

me driving a 997 GT3 (no, it’s not me….)

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Alpine A108 for sale.

In Portugal? with a Lancia engine?? ha.

This of course, showed up in the early 60s right before the A110 appeared…’s sort of like a milder, smaller A110….pretty cool bit of history either way…even though the engine isn’t original.  This one is on sale….for 30K GBP. Pretty absurd price for a non-original 1963 A108…if i may be honest.

original ad:


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foto of the day. A310.

So the Alpine A110 is the holy grail of all cars for me…..however, these days i’m starting to get interested in the A310 as well… once i get my A110, maybe i can get an A310 to join it in the garage?  yeah, DREAM ON, IEDEI!

Here’s a nice pic of a 1974 A310 jumping it up!




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BMW: bring Bangle back!

BMW = Boring Me….oh never mind.

I like Chris Bangle.  His designs ‘sunk in’ after a while, which to me is a sign of someone who properly pushed the envelope.  I loved the BMW Z4 Coupe and i love the BMW 1-series, both designed by Mr. Bangle.  I know that he is still involved with BMW occasionally, and is also running his own company at the moment; but what i’m amazed by is just how boring the current BMW design themes have become.  Seriously… many versions of your E92 3-series can you make?  now you’ve made a larger one, and now you’ve made a super-larger one!  I honestly get confused when i see these on the road; sometimes i think the 5-series is a 3-series, sometimes i think the 5-series is a 7-series—-only the size prevents me from calling a 7 a 3 and vice versa…..the design is boring, they are utterly charmless….but most of all, they are COMPLETELY devoid of any challenge, art, or sense of passion.  BMW is a bored company, and it’s showing.  No wonder they’ve stretched out that last Bangle-era design (1-series) for another go as the 1-Series M Coupe—-which should be out soon….for a price of around…..$45-50k as far as i can guess.

I used to think the E60 5-series was a real ugly bastard when it first came out—-but the design grew on me, and i don’t even think it looks awkward anymore…i actually think it looks good….much better than the generic ‘new’ 5-series that just came out…

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driving tips.

cos you need them! LEARN!


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