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my holy grail Porsche, and probably the purest Porsche 911 ever made.  The glorious 911R.

(click to enlarge pics)

Cheers to Titchati for some of these pics

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R18 TDI. bring on Le Mans!

I rarely find prototype race cars to be ‘beautiful’ any more, but the R18 TDI is just utter gorgeousness in its beastly black and its crazy divider fin.

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foto of the day. alfa-porsche-audi.

One of my favourite photos of recent memory…..FANTASTIC!

Foto taken by Thomas1978 (QW)

(click to enlarge)

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Nuburgring GP: Alpine A110.

This video is wicked fantastic.  It’s amazing how well i know this track now after playing GT5…

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foto of the day. A110.

Thank you to Stradale (T.A.U.)! This photo was taken by him on his visit to Manoir De L’Automobile in France.  A beautiful collections of Alpines he found there.  Here’s one of my fave pics he shared.  I’m in awe.

(click to enlarge)


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how the ‘big’ car blogs get things wrong.

How in the world can the car blogs and their respective commenters think that this VW Beetle mule is the actual production ready concept?  CLEARLY it is not…..i’m dissappointed in the petrolhead communities.  You guys gotta start THINKING!!  VW is not dumb enough to plop the same bumpers as the outgoing model on top of a lower roofline.  See the magnified pics for evidence of these being simply skins…i’m picking on Autoblog today, because i just so happened to see them carelessly assume this is the production version…

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Winter glory!

NYC winters are generally boring, cold, and without snow.  This year is a beautiful concoction of endless snowfalls leading to a fantastic daily commute!  Here’s a crappy cell phone photo to show my struggles of daily parallel parking in heavily restricted side streets of manhattan! I would have it no other way.  Luckily when it snows here, all of the “alternate side rules” get suspended; which means open parking spots for me without some of the fights I have had with other drivers in the past….all part of my NYC experience.

(and yes, that is the IEDEI mobile)

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Lancia D20 @ Le Mans

I honestly think the Lancia D20 is one of the most beautiful race cars in history…..and least recognized.  Here’s a couple photos I found in my computer from Le Mans.

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Chris Harris is one of IEDEI’s favourite motoring journalists….here is a video of his experience racing a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car on the Nurburgring…

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speedometer watches.

I know i have discussed this idea with a certain friend of mine.  These watches made by Rufus Lin Designs are very literal scaled reproductions from speedeometers of certain classic cars.  Prices range from $260 to $830, depending on model.  Why is it, that anything with “Bugatti” on it automatically becomes expensive!? ha!  Overall though, these are pretty interesting; and for someone who owns one of these cars—-they would make an ideal gift for, or for them to collect.

Jaguar E-Type, Series 3

Bugatti T57 Atlantic


see the rest of their speedemoter watches on the Rufus Lin website:

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art foto of the day. TT.

Not sure who the photographer is, but i absolutely love it.

(click to enlarge)

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Motoring Con Brio’s new E30.

We have a nice little entertaining network of small, niche, automotive blogs.  Enthusiasts with opinions and creativity about some of the best objects on earth; cars! Drew from Motoring Con Brio recently purchased a gem of a BMW E30 325.  I really dig the stance, and it really hits all the right buttons.  I often wish BMW could return to this type of coolness…look forward to seeing the car next week at one of our enjoyable meet-ups.

see more pics and his writing about the car here:

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foto of the day. GTAM

Alfa Romeo GTAM.

(click to enlarge)

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my recent ugly favourite: Renault R26 R

Europeans are so lucky….they get so many small, quick cars at their disposable.  I’ve always admired the small hatchbacks like the Peugeot GTIs, Renault Clio 172 and RS, Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, Polo GTI, Swift Sport, Focus RS etc…..but one hatch has really caught my eye lately even though it is not being produced any longer (thanks for the correction, Rob) it is reaching the end of its production; Renault Megane R26R.  I honestly think it’s like a low-budget Porsche GT3 RS.  If i was living in Europe, i would surely have one hidden away in my garage.  It’s ugly as f*ck, with it’s heinous rear pillar and odd shaped window treatment; and the front end reminds me of some 2nd rate Oldsmobile from the 70s or 80s.  But as a package, it is weird and cool, and over the top.  In black with some vulgar red stickers; yes please.

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Alfa Romeo Spider/Death of the Brera.

As i’ve found, the Alfa Romeo Brera is reaching the end of its production.  It was a beautiful original concept design, pretty much ruined for production (however STILL much better looking, even in ruined form, than most other cars out there), which never really translated into a glorious return to form for Alfa.  The Brera Spider was even a bigger fail; floppy, slow, and completely failure of a drive!

How did Alfa Romeo ruin the Brera? I don’t know, but they really did.

So i’m guessing this 2010 Pininfarina Spider Concept introduced last year will somehow find its way in as the next Alfa Romeo Spider.  I love the design, and i would LOVE to see a Coupe version of it……i think it would be a fitting successor to the design of the Brera.

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how Ferrari tried to make a Lamborghini…and failed.

Ferraris are boring.  This one is no different.  What is worse then seeing a ‘new’ Ferrari with publicity photos showing a “red” Ferrari.  Ugh.  Might as well dig out your beloved Backstreet Boys records and put on a cap with a “Polo” horse on it.  Ferraris are cheesy.  This one is no different.  A gimmick for the 80 year-old Millionaire who wants to impress their friends with a new Ferrari.  Well, Mr. 80-year-old-man-who-buys-your-friends; here is your new car! This time it is in AWD so you don’t crash and break one of your fragile hips!

Lamborghini should have proceeded with their plans to ‘renew’ the Espada a few years ago….and destroyed this.


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foto of the day. R/T 383.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 383

(photo tweaked, IEDEI style; click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. Jarama “Bob”

This was the special edition Lamborghini Jarama GT modified by Bob Wallace in 1972:

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Citroen SM.

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wicked: RS3.


the new Audi RS3…doing what Audis do best…with a fantastic 5 Cylinder growl (engine from TT-RS).


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who? what? how? want? B5 RS4 Avant for sale in the US.

How in the world did this guy manage to get three B5 RS4s into this country!?  This is the ultimate german avant——what a stance.  If he can just share his secrets with me about how he got it here, and how I CAN get one of my ultimate dream cars (Audi RS2) into this country; i would be greatly appreciative!  I am not even understanding HOW he got these dot certified; apparently the owner of this car has 2 more!  I know one person personally who imported a B5 RS4 into the country, however it took him much effort and several years to even get the car once it was quarantined.

He’s asking $49k….which is quite expensive–but to an Audi enthusiast; really isn’t a bad price at all considering its rarity and desirability in this country.  I’m sure the right person will snap this up for around the price of a B8 S4.

picked this up from Bring-A-Trailer

original post on VWvortex

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video of the day (2): 250 SWB

got this from the mighty Automobiliac blog.  Again, i regret posting Ferrari stuff, because i really don’t like Ferraris….but there is something wonderful about the audio recording on this video…….the sound coming out of that 250 SWB is magnificent.

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