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IEDEI bids farewell.

It is with a heavy heart that i’ve decided to discontinue updating IEDEI.  I have thoroughly enjoyed posting over the last nearly 4 years and have enjoyed talking and meeting many of you.  I am only one person, and simply do not have the capacity to go on posting.  It is unfortunate at a time when the blog has been rapidly gaining popularity—-however I simply do not have the time, emotion, or capacity to research and update as I would like.  Many posts I make are not simply uploading a photo or linking to outside places.  To find that content takes time… takes passion….and it takes effort.

With all of this being said…it’s possible that in the future I may re-start this site, however at this time I am not thinking about it.  I’ve loved cars since the age of 2…however I’ve also realised that over time—things change.

As a fitting final post….i would like to leave you with a simply wonderful video of 2 cars I love—-and one of which is the center of which everything on this blog was inspired by: the Alpine A110.

Please feel free to email me at if you’d ever like to collaborate on any projects, or if you’d like me to write an article….or if you just want to talk.   The IEDEI site will remain online for the time being, as an archive for people to find and enjoy.

Much love to the gear shifting brothas.  This video is for you.

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foto(s) of the day. Spinning ’round an A110-50.

Fantastica.  See the full set of donut photos in sequence of the brilliant Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept at Le Container.

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art of the day. Beetle sculpture.

I’ve seen these wire-based car sculptures before, but I love that this VW Beetle wire sculpture is in the middle of the road!

src:  yatzer, via stipistop

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video of the day. Ultra Motion at Le Mans 2012.

This video is beautiful.  Epic bite the back of your hand beautiful.  The essence of Le Mans in 2012——i’m still buzzing over the race, and this slow-motion “Ultra Motion” video that Eurosport was using during their coverage really shines through when set to shoegazing background music.

thanks to Don  for the tip!


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Driverless car and futuristic roads!

from 1957, a vision of the future!  It’s like Leave It To Beaver.…except Wally is a girl.   Google eat your heart out!

And here’s the kicker, an excerpt from the 1958 Disney show “Magic Highway”.  Some fascinating ideas going on here!  Here’s hoping that we have this kind of imagination still kicking around for the next 50 years.

src:  Micah’s Two Cents

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foto of the day. why am I behind the wheel of a Ferrari?

and which Ferrari?  How could this happen?

Many of you know I’m not really a fan of Ferraris……never was as a kid, and am still not today.  Without getting into the gory details of WHY I don’t like Ferraris much, I found it interesting sitting behind the wheel of this one —-as I actually quite liked the car.  Either way……it is worthy of a foto-of-the-day and had a nice Saturday spent in it being driven around random little out-of-city roads with the engine purring behind my overheated head.

See what happens when IEDEI sits inside a Ferrari?  The prancing horse logo starts to glow! ha.

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ad of the day. Karma.

When I first saw the Fisker Karma, I wasn’t too keen on it.  But as time as gone by, I think it is a truly stunning & beautiful car with tremendous attention to detail; interior and exterior.  Henrik Fisker is a pretty interesting designer (he also designed 2 of my favourite modern designs; the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin AMV8), and I think he’s designed a pretty remarkable car.   I’d have one in black with the full Alcantara interior….and when I mean “full”….i mean REALLY full Alcantara interior (dash, steering wheel, console, seats, etc).  Wicked.

And it’s promoted with a pretty fantastic print ad!

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1969 East African Safari rally.

An adventure and its documentation.  An event which is still alive today as more of a nostalgic event!


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Processing of Leather.

I am quite fond of leather and suede—the feel, the chemically treated smell, the wearing patterns, and the differences in quality and texture.   The other day I found myself searching for explanations of how leather is made, and I found a couple of interesting videos—-3 videos which could not be contrasted any better, but all three of them beautifully filmed in their own way.  Most excellent.

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ad of the day. become a real driver again.

buy an Alfa Romeo Alfetta!  I don’t care that much for the car—–but it’s a hell-of-an ad!

src:  productionCars 

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art of the day. 1200c

NSU 1200c cutaway, with lots of arrows!

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A310 V6 Prototype a.k.a “PseudoMerak”

I found a strange photo earlier in one of my Alpine books of an A310 prototype—-which made me start searching online for more prototype photos.

The A310 was introduced in 1971 as glorified successor to the Alpine throne, and by 1976 Alpine introduced the car with a 2.7L V6.  The car pictured here is a A310 V6 prototype which has seemingly been preserved!

What’s most striking here though, is the Maserati Merak-aping rear end!  Was this a disguise for testing purposes or was this really being planned at some point?  Even as a die-hard Alpine fanatic, i would think this is outright plagiarism! Obviously the design never actually made it anywhere, as the A110 production continued to 1984 with the design virtually unchanged, aside from body kits, wheel designs, and small tweaks.  Maybe this was just an ‘inside joke’ inside Dieppe!

a comparison of a Merak vs. this A310 V6 prototype. HA!

src:  Far

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foto of the day. D8 GT.

one of my favourite cars in the world…..the fantastic and menacing Donkervoort D8 GT.

src:  johanSterenberg

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foto of the day. A110 and GTV6

Lovely photo sent by reader Michael Duque of his very nice Alfa GTV6 (named “Bella”) parked next to a very early 1965 Alpine A110 (almost looks like an A108 without the signature A110 fog lights). Oh and there’s a Corvette lurking in the background….for atmosphere!

If you have an interesting photo you want to share, send it in!

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the 1967 Porsche 906E, recently sold for $980,000.

src: modernDesign via stipistop

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foto of the day. orange.

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sighting of the day. Corolla?

Yes you heard right!  A vintage Toyota Corolla. But this one is pretty nicely sorted out—-has a very ‘Vintage JDM’ feel to it.  Spotted in Brooklyn.

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foto(s) of the day. 1-2-3.

Audi now have 11 victories in 13 years, and one of those being the Audi-in-disguise Bentley Speed 8.  Total dominance!  The last few laps were taken with 4 R18s running side by side, making for some phenomenal atmosphere!  More pics as they are released…No other team has ever shown this sort of dominance at Le Mans in such a short period of time.

Today, the 1st and 2nd place finishing cars were the Audi R18 e-tron quattro hybrid, making it the first AWD and Hybrid car to ever win the greatest race in the world!  The #1 R18 e-tron quattro finishing the line in 1st place.

As an Audi fan and as a Le Mans enthusiast, I watched 18 hours of this race.  I hope some of you enjoyed the coverage using the links I posted here last night.  It was a hell of an adventure!  I hope to make it to La Sarthe one of these days.  Congratulations to the entire Audi Sport program!

src: & joestRacing

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night time at La Sarthe.

Well it’s night time here in NYC, and it’s night time at La Sarthe!


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nearly 7 hours done. Standings…

The Toyotas started off fantastic, running 2 and 3 for quite a while.  As seen before, the #8 was in a terrible crash with a crappy Ferrari driver, and the #7 Toyota had contact with the Deltawing, causing major damage as the car has been stuck in the pits for ages now.   The #3 Audi R18 Ultra which was crashed is in 14th position right now, and the #7 Toyota is still in the pits, currently in 24th position.

That leaves Audi in #1, #2, and #3 with the e-tron quattro taking the top 2 positions thus far.  There are still 17 hours left to go, so nothing can be said about what is still remaining to happen.

The LMP2 category is solidly competitive at th emoment, with the #48 Oreca Nissan up in the lead with 2 Morgans less than a lap behind!  Great to see Morgan back in competition here!

The GTE pro and amateur classes are solidly led by the C6 ZR1 with nearest Aston Martin (my personal favourite in this class) a couple of laps behind (pro).

src for timing images:  baekdal live timing

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#7 Toyota takes out the Deltawing.

The Deltawing was an interesting concept, albeit not really competitive in any way….if anything it was getting in the way of most cars on the track.  That being said, it got nailed pretty hard by the #7 Toyota.


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Crash, remove, and drive!

Romain Dumas crashes his Audi R18 Ultra into a tire wall, then proceeds to get out of the car and basically remove the entire front bodywork from both sides, get back in the car and drive it for 5-6 minutes back to the pits!  Amazing bit of effort and determination from Dumas!  Great to see.

As of right now, the #3 R18 is back in the race!  Many laps down….but still in the race!

Here’s the video!


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