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foto of the day. trofeo.

Definitely one of my favourite ‘modern’ italian sports cars…..the classic Maserati Coupe GT in Trofeo Cup form.

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foto of the day.

from the Coronado Festival Of Speed.

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aha! the Audi Q3 must be on its way to the USA soon…..

(click to enlarge)

Yeah we don’t care much about SUVs here at IEDEI……however I am pretty into Audis….and having driven an Audi Q5 through an autocross track before here in NY, I must say I had gained quite a bit of respect for Audi SUVs.  Well anyways, it seems IEDEI stumbled upon a ‘future plan’ by accident!

Auto Trader has placed the AUDI Q3 in its drop down menu of cars for selection on the site (SEE PHOTO ABOVE).  This surely hints that the Q3 is on its way to the US market sometime soon.  The Q5 has been a huge success for Audi (a waiting list to buy one at the moment), so it would make sense that Audi is bringing a smaller and even cheaper small SUV.

it’s actually a pretty damn good looking SUV if i must say so myself…..even though SUVs are parasites and should be burned in massive flames! err…just sayin…

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Lamborghini Miura re-imagined….again.

Dutch designer Marco van Overbeeke has created another ‘new’ conceptual (and unofficial) design for the Lamborghini Miura. This one is less devotedto the original 1960s Miura and adapted to the modern world.

I kinda like it…pretty aggressive.  Too band Lamborghini will NEVER be producing it.

more pics:

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vintage ad of the day.

torque of the devil!!!

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foto of the day. 200 Trans-am quattro

The legendary Audi 200 trans-am quattro!

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foto of the day. Delage.

1947 British Trophy, @ the ISLE OF MAN

Dave Hampshire driving a Delage!

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Alfa Romeo return to the USA confirmed for 2012?

(above: Alfa Romeo Dress)

Motor Trend is reporting some info on the return of Alfa Romeo to the US market in 2012.  Fiat supposedly released a 5-year plan today, with information on the US market, Chrysler, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and how these products will be integrated into this market.

So 2012 is supposedly the debut of the Alfa Romeo Giulia (159 replacement) and MT is saying these will be RWD and based (loosely, hopefully) on the 300c and Challenger platforms.  This should be in Sedan and Wagon formats.  In 2013, will be the addition of a (new) Spider which will be based also on a RWD Chrysler format (wait a minute…the Challenger and 300c are HUGE….so what platform!?).

Either way, FIAT have been giving us this crap for many years now…so whether it happens is unknown….whether it happens on TIME is even more unknown…..but i DO hope it happens.

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vintage road foto: South Grade Rd.


this photo is taken from the 1920s…..very cool.  Located in the Palomar Mountain area of California.


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Mo Miura…(1)

Can’t get enough of this photography over at


click to enlarge fotos.

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foto of the day. Miura.

Lamborghini Miura

source: (with a bit of tinting!)

click to enlarge:

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foto of the day. 504.

Peugeot 504 Rally Version. fantastic.

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Best Motoring featuring Audi TT-RS vs. JDMers…

Finally, a review of the Audi TT-RS on a track, against some stiff and likely competition!!  Can’t understand a damn word these guys are saying, but even without understanding japanese; i’m pretty sure I understand the result!

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Audi A8L interior.

IEDEI are not really suckers for ‘luxurious’ interiors, however this one takes some sort of cake, bakes it, devours it, and bakes another one.  Pretty fantastic for that Eastern European Dictator in your family….the 2011 Audi A8L

look, there’s even an ottoman for the passenger to put their feet up!

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video of the day. Fulvia 1.6 HF

Yet another glorious video of a Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF. There’s nothing like the rumble of that fantastic V4.  Nice bit of driving on a pretty funky road, as well.   The IEDEI obsession with this car continues….

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foto of the day. 131 Abarth.

Fiat 131 Abarth Rally.

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future Saab ideas.

I gotta say, i’m excited to see what SAAB comes up with in the next few years.  I always loved SAAB as a company, but found GM to be a corrupting party in their uniqueness and product line.  Here’s to hoping SPYKER brings some fun back to the brand.

The rumour is that the original SAAB 99 is the inspiration behind a new working concept under the working name “92” or”9-2″

About a year ago, IEDEI had ranted about SAAB and it’s lack of current identity.

It is starting to look more and more that SAAB may find it again!

some renderings/possibilities that have been circulating:

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Ron Dennis is a moron.

Ron Dennis has always been a whining dork, from the days of the McLaren F1 team and his constant denial and complaining about rules, races, and results. Alright, so i don’t care if Ron Dennis doesn’t like the Bugatti Veyron, knowing he has such close ties to McLaren and the McLaren F1, however to call one of the greatest pieces of automotive engineering a “piece of junk” is a bit of a jealous rant, innit?  I don’t think anyone can deny the abillity of the Veyron, no matter how much one doesn’t like it or doesn’t think it’s all it’s cracked up to be.  However, the sort of comment Dennis gave is one that shows me he is simply frustrated and isn’t really thinking clearly when it comes to making a comment about the Bugatti.  Nice one Ron, you sound like a 15 year-old kid at the parking lot with a rusty civic, who calls an M3 or an S4 “junk” because it’s not theirs….

IEDEI VERDICT? I think the Veyron would handily out-accelerate the McLaren F1 after speeds of 120 MPH…..whether the Top Gear test was ‘staged’ or not doesn’t affect my opinion….but the Veyron clearly has MUCH more power, great aerodynamics, and a proven top speed greater than the F1.  NOBODY is going to deny that the Macca F1 was a great car, but it is not invincible.  He also mentions the Veyron would get ‘bogged’ for launch after the clutch was dropped—-BUT THE VEYRON HAS NO CLUTCH!  Fail.  End of story.


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IEDEI is away for the next week, BUT…..

I’ll be out of town to Chicago for a conference, AND I had some choices when it came down to what my rental car would be.  I usually pick the smallest cars, as they are the most fun to throw around recklessly most economical, but this time I changed my initial selection.  WHY? Because i’ve decided for the next 7 or 8 days, i am going to LIVE with a Ford Fusion Hybrid rental car…just to find out what it feels like to live with a hybrid car.  This should be fascinating…i’m not sure what to expect.

I didn’t expect Hybrid rentals to be so cheap, however the Fusion Hybrid was less than the equivelant gas model….$180 for 7 days? pretty good deal, i reckon!

So even though IEDEI is away formally this week, i’m going to try to pop in and leave some short observations about the rental car at some point!

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