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Dunhill gloves (mine). Ben Sherman gloves (yours).

I used to be a big fan of Ben Sherman, til they sold their soul out to the tourist gift shop market and started targeting all sorts of mediocrity.  Next thing i knew—Ben Sherman was everywhere and completely lost touch with their roots (MOD roots that is…). Anyway, a few months ago I found some driving gloves made by Dunhill that i’d been dreaming about for months.  I would love to post a link to you about where to get those driving gloves, however they are since discontinued and nearly impossible to find.

Here’s a picture of the Dunhill gloves i bought:


Fast forward a few months later, and those cheeky commercial geeks at Ben Sherman have found a way to produce pretty much the SAME gloves, with slightly different colours and probably much less quality.  STILL they look cool, better than those shady biker gloves you can get in the East Village for $5 (trust me, i’ve bought them…..and i looked like a bondage hooker wearing them).

Here’s a picture of the Ben Sherman gloves:


anyway, if you wanna buy the Ben Sherman, they are available off their website for $80———-click here to check it out!

the worst rally corner….ever!

That voice in the background screaming “ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay” nearly makes me wanna scream…..but a variety of crashes in a variety of vintage rally cars… bizarre.

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Audi S1 sound extravaganza.

what a car, what a sound! mean, gurgling, popping, and roaring.

volume up, please.

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Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia

have you ever wanted to smell like you’ve been sitting inside of a 1953 Mille Miglia race car?  the smell of rolling into an italian pit stop with people screaming, putting on new tires, wearing leather gloves and the driver jumping in and out of the racing seat.  the smell of falling asleep inside a vintage 1960s alfa romeo parked on a side street of old Italy.  SMN Nostalgia recreates that feeling, in a fragrance!

santa maria novella have truly made a fragrance which is a masterpiece.  the first time i smelled this, it was with the knowledge that they have tried to recreate the smell of a vintage race car—something which i thought was basically impossible.  i didn’t, at first, understand the fragrance.  i thought it smelled like shoe polish, and then 15 minutes after applying—the most wonderful combination of leather, vanilla, and dare i say—liquid nostalgia rolled through my senses.  it truly does smell like a vintage sports car.

this stuff isn’t exactly cheap (even though the bottle borders on the verge of tacky….although i’ve actually started to like the bottle after spending some time with it in my wardrobe)….it’ll run you around $110.  If you’d like to order a bottle, you may do so at Lafco, which is the official US distributor of SMN fragrances. well worth it, and completely unique.  if you can’t own a vintage race car, you might as well smell like one!


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Steve McQueen and his Jaguar XK-SS

these pictures are so cool.

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George Lucas and Peter Brock vintage racing film

here’s another GREAT vintage video made by George Lucas (yes, the “Star Wars” guy!) when he was younger and (probably) cooler. I never really cared for “Star Wars”….but this video was done when Lucas was a student, and it stars the legendary Peter Brock. Fantastic!

Forward the video to about 1:30 for the start of the video.

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“Car-A-Day” Paintings



This is one of the most impressive blogs and talents i’ve seen in a long time. Rob Ijbema has a blog entitled “Car-A-Day”, in which he puts up amazing paintings of race cars, race circuits, and races—-in an amazing display of talent, sharing of creativity, and charm. These paintings are available as hi-resolution JPGs for your viewing pleasure, and they are also available for purchase in their original form.

Highly impressive stuff. Check it out!!


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