Audi & iTunes launch NEW “Truth In 24” mobile game!

After the huge success of the “Truth In 24” documentary that Audi has made, today Audi announced that iTunes has a new application/game for download on Apple’s iTunes service.  Read the official press release——->


HERNDON, Va., Apr 1, 2009  –  Getting a hands-on feel for the excitement of Le Mans racing and the acclaimed documentary Truth in 24 got a lot easier today with the launch of the all-new Truth in 24 driving challenge application on the Apple App Store.

The Truth in 24 driving application challenges iPhone and iPod touch players to monitor fuel use and tire wear just as Audi Le Mans teams do during races. It also offers exceptional graphics, a new driver’s point of view, multiple courses and provides links to the film’s iTunes Store download site and

The Truth in 24 app is the second driving challenge Audi has introduced for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Audi A4 Driving Challenge application, released last September, has enjoyed phenomenal success with nearly 3.2 million downloads to date. Both driving challenges were designed by Denver-based Factory Design Labs.

“There’s a spirit of innovation in the Audi product lineup and marketing culture, and these games were designed to serve as the next logical step for both,” said Scott Mellin, CEO of Factory Design Labs. “We wanted to create an experience that would be similar to the challenges facing the actual Audi Le Mans drivers and the Audi racing team.”

The newest app relates to the award-winning documentary Truth in 24 produced by NFL Films and Chicago-based Intersport. The film followed the dramatic 2008 bid by Audi racing teams to retain their dominance at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, which has been one of the world’s premiere motorsports events for decades. Before last year’s Le Mans race, Audi had claimed the championship seven out of the previous eight years. The film has earned strong reviews from movie critics, automotive writers and documentary fans alike. It has also earned two best documentary awards from international film festivals in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Fla.

The Truth in 24 app is available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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