foto of the day. 3.0 CSL


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3 thoughts on “foto of the day. 3.0 CSL

  1. N1kk3l says:

    Just lovely. I love this design. In fact I’ve been looking for a good condition 3.0 CS to buy for some time, since this design has all of the charisma of the CSL but is more suitable to everyday use and isn’t as expensive as a good CSL.

    • iedei says:

      that’d be great if you can score a 3.0CS, man! it’s such a classic. Are you really looking for one still? i’ll keep my eyes out. What’s your budget?

      • N1kk3l says:

        I’m looking for one situated in Europe since I live in Bulgaria. Here a good 3.0CS is around 20K euro wich translates to 26K of $. But thank you anyway:)

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