Peugeot 505 and the Sterling 825 SL

In 1987, my mum ALMOST bought a Peugeot 505. However ever since then, i’ve always had a huge soft spot for that car….because even back then, i really wanted that car.  I thought it was beautiful when i was a kid.  I loved the weird front lights, and the nicely proportioned design.  I still think the car looks really damn good……for its age.

Oddly enough, the car she DID buy instead of the Peugeot 505 was another car that i really wanted…….*drumroll*…….a Sterling 825 SL! Remember those? yeah that’s right, an Acura Legend with a british interior, electronics, and styling…..the first car I ever crashed and the first car I ever lost control of going too fast……fun car to drive, but quite an oddball.  I still remember how that car’s steering got SUPER stiff at high speeds (over 90 mph), as if its power steering had failed—-but it was actually just a performance measure.  Nice interior…pretty posh for an 80s car.

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7 thoughts on “Peugeot 505 and the Sterling 825 SL

  1. danidmas says:

    We had a Peugeot 505 when I was 8 years old… it was a SR version I think, don’t know what that implies… but it was rear-wheel drive (I remember my dad losing control of the car on an icy road)… in 1990 we had to trade it for a station wagon since the family grew one new member 🙂

    • Syed says:

      ah yeah, i totall forgot it was rear wheel drive…..i think that’s the reason why my mum didn’t buy one…..because winters in Detroit were pretty harsh! although the Sterling was FWD but terrible in the snow…

      • Feketelaszlo says:

        I know only one thing better than the Peugeot 505 and that’s the Peugeot 505 Dangel 4×4! The 505s are widely used in places like Africa where the conditions (sand, weather, roads, ups there are no roads there) are awful, so I think the 505 can be also described as the toughest car on the world. I want one.

  2. says:

    hi im selling my peugeot 505 how much anybody offering but boot is broken

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have inspired me to get my Sterling 825 SL running again– has been parked for numerous years… only 35,000 miles on it. Had trouble with the electrical system, kept going through batteries— so it got parked and is just sitting…….

  4. Amber says:

    I had a 1987 825s sterling. I miss it. I am looking for one to buy.

  5. I actually considered buying both those cars back in 1988. I’m glad I didn’t because they both soon became orphans and it would have been very difficult/expensive to get them serviced.

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