Alpine A108 for sale.

In Portugal? with a Lancia engine?? ha.

This of course, showed up in the early 60s right before the A110 appeared…’s sort of like a milder, smaller A110….pretty cool bit of history either way…even though the engine isn’t original.  This one is on sale….for 30K GBP. Pretty absurd price for a non-original 1963 A108…if i may be honest.

original ad:


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4 thoughts on “Alpine A108 for sale.

  1. can’t say i love the face… has that ‘early homer simpson’ look:

    • Gabriel Pattison says:

      The engine photo is from another car, genius…
      It is a Willys Interlagos, a Brazilian under lincensed version of the the A108, but the Alpine logos are an attempt to increase the value of the car

    • Gabriel Pattison says:

      é em portugal mesmo, não é no brasil, apesar de ser um interlagos… ou vc acha que isso é favela no ceará?

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