book review (erm, partial): “Gold Plated Porsche…….”

Yes I am in the midst of a Porsche phase right now. Bought this fantastic book entitled Gold Plated Porsche: How I Sank A Small Fortune Into A Used Car And Other Misadventures.  The author is journalist Stephan Wilkinson, who has worked at Car & Driver in the past, among other places.   I am calling this a “partial” review….even though i should probably call it “fractional” as I am only on pp. 50! ha.  But i think the book is definitely worth picking up.  Wilkinson’s banter about cars, the culture of petrolheads, and how he selected his 911 has already paid the measly $10 i paid for the softcover.

Summary so far: he wants to restore a car…by himself…and properly restore it.  this is the story of him buying a run down old 911 SC and pouring money into it to turn it into exactly what he always wanted; HIS perfect 911.

Apparently, Mr. Wilkinson has written some other car books as well.  Will have to check them out after i finish reading this one.

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