washing cars blows.

So very true.  Washing the car is about the worst thing one can do with their cars….

A) dirtier cars look better (ALWAYS!)

B) it is never straightforward

C) it sucks, time consuming, and soul less!

D) people who get into the details of washing cars bore the living balls outta me!

i really hate washing cars.  Thank you Chris Harris, for being cool.

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5 thoughts on “washing cars blows.

  1. i run hot and cold on this. a properly dirty car after it’s been given a nice workout? good. a car that’s dirty or dusty from having been garaged/neglected for so long? terrible.

    some cars/colors also ‘wear’ dirt better than others.

    • Syed says:

      i honestly can’t think of a single situation where a clean car looks better than a dirty one…..

      • here’s an example of what i’m talking about:

        the owner of this poor 997 hasn’t driven his car in at least 8 months, and it shows. the 997 looks like a barn find, which is disgraceful for a car so new.

        dirty cars are cool, but not all dirt is created equal.

      • Syed says:

        drew even that example you showed i’d rather see than a clean one! but maybe that’s because i’m abnormal?!?

  2. another shot of my car that i like! this was just after a trip to west virginia. i really didn’t want to wash it afterward, but i was picking my wife up at the airport and she would have been horrified if i showed up like this!

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