Billykirk card case.

I’ve always liked nice wallets.  I’ve also always liked tidy, non-George Costanza wallets.  I rarely carry much cash—and if i do, it will be less than $40.  I don’t like loading up on people’s business cards, etc.  This is why we have electronic assistance in storing numbers, names, etc.

Last year, i went around the corner from our old flat to Hollander & Lexer when i was having a bad day, and decide to buy myself a new wallet.  For years now, i’ve noticed that my life takes small changs after i change (A) my wallet and (B) my phone.  I am not a superstitious person, however i do acknowledge that finances and communication are 2 reasonably important elements in our daily lives.

I bought a small card case made by Billykirk that day.  It was about $90 with tax.  Kinda steep for a simple leather case, but beautifully made, with vintage stitching and authentic, non-overfinished faded leather.  A beautiful card case, which never bulges out of my rear pocket. Easily carries 5-10 card-related things on me, with room for 2-$20 bills if i need be.

They have nice bags and belts as well if you are in need of gentleman leather goods.

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