the Bertone 99 makes the current Jaguar lineup look like utter sh*te!

nuff said.

photos leaked out today of a Bertone 99 design which is going to debut in Geneva—-apparently they’ve designed it with Jaguar in mind—-and YES, surely there are some Jaguar designers who are feeling awfully bad about what they’ve designed currently for the lineup.  THIS is exactly what i feel a ‘modern’ Jaguar should look like….i can’t even remember the last time Jaguar produced a car I even remotely cared about…maybe the XJS?

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4 thoughts on “the Bertone 99 makes the current Jaguar lineup look like utter sh*te!

  1. Rob says:

    Has Bertone become lazy, too? This car looks like a Merc SLS that has mated with an early 90’s Jag XJ (you know, the one in which nobody with a head could fit in the driver’s seat and the boot was too small for the separated head to fit into).
    It looks nice (apart from the back), no doubt about that. But it’s not a proper modern Jag. Also, why have they fitted a second radiator grille on the back? Hidious.

    • Syed says:

      interesting comparison with the SLS…i do see a profile similarity when you point it out, however to me—this really looks more progressive than the current generic designs Jaguar is currently using. As for the back end, lol….i really don’t think that is a 2nd radiator—although it does look like it in the picture…it might just be the shadows, but i think that area is likely body coloured

  2. Automobiliac says:

    I think they nailed it. This is exactly what a modern jag XJ should be.

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