hatchbacks: Suzuki Swift Sport

After my trip to Italy, I found myself with a new appreciation for ‘small’ hatchbacks one can throw around into parking spots—-one of my favourite hatchbacks i saw in Italy was the Suzuki Swift Sport.  Firstly, their interiors are very cool and little hot hatch-ish goodness—i like their boxy, functional lines, and they have a very planted look to them in person.  I didn’t see many of these during my trip—-but the 2 or 3 of them I did see convinced me I liked them.  Rumour has it that Suzuki will introduce this car to the US market this year—–hey Suzuki—-DO IT! pioneer the ‘new’ hot hatch movement in the states!

I just went to the UK Suzuki site, and found that this 125 HP, 2400 pounds….for 12,995 GBP.  If they brought this car over here for $15k, it would be absolutely stellar……hey Suzuki…..DO IT!


btw, here’s the latest Suzuki Swift S-Concept presented in March at the Geneva Auto Show….a little ‘overdone’ in styling, but upgraded performance likely makes the upgrades worth it.  Digging the functional and tidy interior as well.

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One thought on “hatchbacks: Suzuki Swift Sport

  1. […] on how it looks— little wonder they’re used in cup racing and the like. Hat tip to IEDEI for first calling this […]

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