BMW 1-series M….hmm…

I have always been a fan of the 1-series—–almost traded for one 2 years ago, however I changed my mind after sitting in one for a little while. I still love them though—-to me they are the only BMW on sale today that gets me interested.  So the upcoming 1-series M seems like a pretty badass version of an already stellar performer in the 135i.

That being said…i just priced a 1M at $49k+ using the BMW build-your-own feature on their website.  Part of me thinks sub-$50k is a bit of a bargain for such a nicely equipped, limited edition, smaller version of the M3…..but is that really a reasonable price?  Sometimes I think it is—-whereas other times I think it is an absurd price for a hotted up 135i, which can be had for significant discounts.  I’m not really sure what to think.   But i like the alcantara-coated interior, i like the vulgar wide fenders, and I like the sound of 335hp under the bonnet, M3 bits, massive brakes and the look of pure aggression overall  It’s not as quick as the upcoming TT-RS and it’s not as well recognized or respected as the M3—-but for someone who had $50k to spend….and really loved the purer side of BMW’s M division——i think this car is a nice example of how BMW can get it right sometimes….assuming you’ve got the cash!  IF i had the cash, i would most certainly buy one in a heartbeat.

BMW site with specs:

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4 thoughts on “BMW 1-series M….hmm…

  1. oh dear. better we not get into the ‘i’d rather’ game as nothing good ever comes out of that 😉

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