foto of the day. M3.

The first REAL car (not counting KITT from Knight Rider & Dukes Of Hazzard’s General Lee—or the Batmobile, or any other crazy TV show car!) I ever got obsessed with—-like i-want-to-drive-one-now….when i was 9 years  was the BMW E30 M3.  For a long time, I thought I would just wait til I got older and buy one——-now, however, it seems that everyone else who wanted one, has bought them while they were cheap—-and have RUINED them by cheesy modifications and unoriginality.  I rarely see a non-bastardized E30 M3 anywhere.  I still would like to own one of these in the future, as it would go lovely with a urquattro in the same garage.  I find myself checked into reality by knowing that there are already very few well kept cars around, and there will be even less available by the time i start looking for one.   A shame, really….

(this one, in the photo—is actually an M3 Evolution Sport—which never came to the US market, as far as I know)

One thought on “foto of the day. M3.

  1. danidmas says:

    If you ever come to Barcelona, I’ll give you a ride in one… 🙂

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