video of the day. Fulvia!

I can’t understand anything—so here’s my take. A man goes and checks out a Lancia Fulvia HF!

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2 thoughts on “video of the day. Fulvia!

  1. Rob says:

    There’s a lot of chit-chat going on there, but the bottom-line is: It’s a Fulvia 1.3 Monte Carlo (he points out it’s obvious thanks to the aggressive bonnet-styling, the lack of bumpers and the rally headlights and bigger skirts in the front and back) that should be “condition 3” for just under 7k Euro. The bodywork has been botched, but the magnesium rims are exceptional. During the test drive he points out the car fails some “condition 3” criteria due to broken window sealing, worn out plastic on the dash, worn out steering rack and gear lever. Also, the handbrake warning light is constantly on, so the handbrake’s rather knackered.
    Finally, he points out that the underfloor is in a good condition, but a potential buyer will have to invest a lot of time and money into restoration. However, it’s got TÜV (similar to British MOT) for another two years, so at least you can drive the car while restoration work is in progress 🙂

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