Fuck Ferrari.

(photo from SpeedTV)

…and their moronic, incapable, asshat drivers! #3 McNish knocked out of Le Mans by a moron driving a 458 Italia…….who believed that he should maintain a racing line even when 2 R18 TDIs with flashing LED lights are pounding the road behind him.  Thanks a lot, Ferrari!  My hatred grows…

BOTTOM LINE: Yes i concede McNish was too aggressive in this situation, but THE SLOWER CAR CANNOT MAINTAIN ITS RACING LINE. 

video of the crash:

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10 thoughts on “Fuck Ferrari.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You seriously need to address this Audi mania nonsense that you have going. Over aggressive McNish puled a stupid move, and surely you can’t blame only “Ferrari and their moronic, incapable, asshat drivers!”. Maybe if you weren’t such a fanboy you wouldn’t be quick to judge and to write.

    • Syed says:

      NO WAY. i have watched this over and over again….and ANYONE who knows anything about racing saw the 458 MAINTAIN his racing line through that curve——he is supposed to yield to faster traffic. TWO flashing LED lights from the R18s behind him—-he should never be maintaining his racing line. I concede that McNish was VERY aggressive, however the Ferrari should not be trying to maintain his racing line.

    • Syed says:

      and i’m proud to be an Audiphile. You don’t like it? Go to a different blog…

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you have seen it time and time again you would know that the were no flashing led lights you keep banging on about 🙂
    And of course a guy who knows a lot about racing like you should know that this exact place on the track isn’t ideal to pull an opportunistic move, something that McNish has a history of doing. Especially with the other Audi blocking the rear view visibility for a lot of time during the corner when the accident occurred.

    As for you being a proud Audiphille, I believe almost every car company has made some bad and some great cars in some period, which is the case with Audi’s range at the moments 2-3 good ones and some really boring and awfully cars. Blindly loving a particular brand is something I just can’t understand. I guess your blog isn’t the the right place to look for objectivity (which is I guess part of the whole personal blog idea and there is nothing wrong about it), so I will follow your advice, and find a different one. Which is a shame because I kind of liked all the non Audi related stuff.

    Wish you all the best.

  3. Rob says:

    Holy f….. this could have gone horribly wrong, especially for the spectators!!

    • Syed says:

      agreed. very scary stuff…..as far as i’ve heard…the photographers and spectators escaped any serious injuries.

  4. Automobiliac says:

    Syed, seriously man, the Ferrari driver is not at fault. If you know anything it is that if you are being passed, you are NOT supposed to change your line mid-corner because it confuses the driver behind you and can cause you to lose control. It is the responsibility of the faster cars to safely pass the GT cars at Le Mans, and dive bombing one into a corner is not the right way to do that. Even if the Ferrari driver ostensibly “caused” the accident by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can’t deny that McNish also made an error in judgement. It’s a 24 hour race, and there was no need for him to go for that gap at that moment. As for the second Ferrari accident, I think that one might have been more the other guy’s fault…

  5. Lapped drivers not only may but MUST maintain their racing line, they are briefed to do so at every race meeting!

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