Fuck Ferrari (part 2)

This happened several hours ago—-i was far too upset to even post anything.  Ferrari needs to be punished for their moronic drivers.  Clearly flashing his lights, Rockenfeller in the R18 got clearly cut off by another Ferrari. UNBELIEVABLE. Again? really?

Thankfully, Mike Rockenfeller seems alright, but is being held overnight in the hospital—–as it stands right now at 10:30pm Eastern time—-Audi #2 is in the lead.

3 thoughts on “Fuck Ferrari (part 2)

  1. Rob says:

    I thought you overreacted a bit regarding the first incident but seeing this footage… I hope this guy was at least black flagged!

    • Syed says:

      Rob—-the problem here is those Ferraris are ‘pay to drive’ private ventures—which means they end up with amateur/semi-pro drivers on the same track as properly pro drivers. This 2nd crash is simply inexcusable—-the Audi was flashing a very long time….and the Ferrari actually crossed the center line and hit the R18…..i was just shocked….

  2. Alxart says:

    These rich a-holes in there rented Ferraris need to stay off the track!

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