too tall, Tony….

the ‘new’ Fiat 500 is one ugly car……super tall, oddly out of proportion, and decorated like a child’s toy.  I only like the fact that it has a ‘Fiat’ badge on it; otherwise it sucks.   I parked next to one earlier today, and was appalled by the comparison of size.


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4 thoughts on “too tall, Tony….

  1. Jon says:

    The Abarth EsseEsse imroves it somewhat, but its a pricey upgrade that only gets you halfway to a real car. Did you ever see the 695 Tributo Ferrari 500? Much better looking but for 50k, I can think of a lot of other cars I would line up for first:

  2. Key Sanders says:

    I saw one today in New Mexico… The color was somewhere between adobe, beige, and mud… incredibly ugly!!

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