Bertone (Alfa) Carabo.

I can’t think of another car where the LOGO of the model would match the shape of the car!  Marcello Gandini’s 1968 cutting edge, wedge shaped Bertone Carabo had exactly that though!

Bertone’s comment on the car:

At the end of the 1960′s Bertone focussed his creative energies on prototypes. The Turin designer’s creativity and daring reached its peak in 1968 with the Carabo, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Built on the Alfa Romeo 33 chassis with a centrally-mounted engine, it became a style classic, known for its creativity and original features, some of which contribute to its legendary standing.

Design features like its tight lines, tapering front blending in seamlessly with the windscreen, and the air inlets and outlets.

And the original door mechanism, with doors opening upwards and forwards (a concept which reappears on the production Countach), and even the novel colour: iridescent green like a beetle (hence the name Carabo, in Italian, a type of beetle).”

(from Carbodydesign)

Let’s also not forget that the Carabo brought the world “scissor doors”….which was mostly a positive innovation, however often a negative one when it’s seen on 1987 Hondas parked at 7-11!

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