lost concept: Ghia Lancia 1600 HF Competizione

Although it looks like a Bertone concept, it is not! In fact this is the 1969 Ghia Lancia HF Competizione concept.  I don’t have a ton of information about the actual car; however I do know that it was based on the standard Fulvia HF platform and was FWD with the famous 1600 V4 engine from the Fulvia HF.  However, a major difference was that the Ghia concept was even lighter than the standard Fulvia—-which made it even faster and (supposedly) with better handling.  The idea was to possibly use this as a basis for a racing car that would have possibly be entered into Le Mans-type race events; alas this was not meant to be.

It was shown at the 1969 Geneva Auto Show; and obviously never produced.


src (colour photos): mauiboy

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5 thoughts on “lost concept: Ghia Lancia 1600 HF Competizione

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Reminds me a lot of the Intermeccanica Indra, which came out in 1971. I wonder if Intermeccanica were looking at this HF concept as one source of inspiration. I believe the Indra was done by Bertone, though. Certainly this wedge thing was “in the water” in Turin in that era!

    • Syed says:

      the HF looks so Bertone that i was quite honestly shocked that it was a Ghia design……yeah the Indra has that look….but so many cars had that look! the neverending stream of ‘lost’ wedge shaped italian cars!

  2. i also see shades of mercedes c111, most obviously in the two-tone orange-and-black color scheme.

  3. Wayne Barratt says:

    Designed by American Tom Tjaarda who also did the De Tomaso Pantera at Ghia. Lotus designer Oliver Winterbottom was influenced by this car when he designed the Lotus Elite and Eclat.

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