The art of the Tipo 61

I think the Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage” is easily one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and artistic race cars ever made—–and these photos really are stunning.  These photos were used by RM Auctions during the 2010 auction of the car, where it sold for $3.343.648 to be exact.  Obviously that’s a lot of money—-but honesty a FAR more beautiful and desirable car than many of the ‘expensive’ and overpriced Ferraris i’ve seen sell for much more in auction reports.

src: brandjunkies


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2 thoughts on “The art of the Tipo 61

  1. […] Stahlrahmen stützt. Fast möchte man also meinen, dass nicht die Zukunft, sondern Oldtimer wie der Maserati Birdcage das Vorbild für den Delta Wing abgegeben haben. Wobei man den Konstrukteuren […]

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