foto of the day. old snow.

This year has been a massively disappointing winter with only a scanty 1 or 2 days of proper snow to drive around in—–and all in a year when i searched months for the right wheels to put on brand new snow tires.

I am left to wonder what could have been……well here’s a nice photo from 1916 with white stuff filling up the street in Seattle, a place I will be later this week for a visit.

src: vintage seattle

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4 thoughts on “foto of the day. old snow.

  1. worst winter ever. when are you switching back to summer tires? i’m tempted to do so now..

  2. Syed says:

    agree. although i’m pretty sure RIGHT when we take off the winters it will snow! HA!

  3. jalilm says:

    Old Shop reminds me of the legend…Colin McRae

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