Pininfarina NSU Ro 80 Concept

This is the 1971 Pininfarina NSU Ro 80 Concept, shown with a working rotary engine debut’d at the 1971 Torino Motor Show in Italy.  This thing looks way ahead of its time for 1971, in fact I see shades of future cars in its design;  Aston Martin Lagonda, 1980’s Cadillac Deville, 1980s Oldsmobiles—-but NSU was dissolved into the modern day Audi after 1977, when the last Ro 80 was sold.

This Pininfarina design points towards how a super modern and ahead-of-its-time car like the original Ro 80 may have evolved if NSU had continued.   Obviously Audi do have some nostalgia for this idea, as the Pininfarina NSU Ro 80 concept is currently stored within the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt.

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3 thoughts on “Pininfarina NSU Ro 80 Concept

  1. weird— looks like a lagonda and a subaru baja had an illegitimate child.

  2. Marcel says:

    It is a bit weird indeed. Nothing like the (to me) beautiful Lagonda at all, except for sharp lines. Luckily Pininfarina did a lot of much better jobs. to stay at the same company, the Audi Quartz concept for example…

  3. AudiBoy68 says:

    Beautiful and Avant-gardist !!

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