Fisker Atlantic.

Let me be honest in that quite frankly I was blown away the first time I saw photos of the Fisker Atlantic;  Unfortunately IEDEI was not able to cover the NY Auto Show this year due to work schedule (yes, i also have a proper job!).

I had already been ‘warming’ to the idea of the Fisker Karma over the past few months, even though supposedly the cars are unreliable and that the company is having financial issues…..oh well!

I really dislike Tesla, however I find myself fond of Fisker.  Why?  It’s not JUST because they use extensive Alcantara in their interior….but it’s because Fisker actually DESIGNS their cars rather than puts out a regurgitated Lotus Elise.  The Karma, whatever your final thoughts are, is a pretty fascinating car to look at…..swoopy, long, with lots of presence.

The Karma is expensive….the Atlantic though—-well they are targeting the $45k to $55k range!   If this car makes it to production for that price, it will surely be THE best looking sedan out there.  I’m not crazy about the front end styling, but the proportions, side profile, rear, and roofline are just beautiful.

So……is the Atlantic the car that gets me interested in electric cars?  Yes it just may be…..this or the upcoming Audi e-tron range….either way, it just might be possible eventually someone will start building an electric car with some passion, soul, and style——i’m hoping the Fisker Atlantic is the first one to really get the ball rolling…..

So Fisker…..Give me one to drive so I can see for myself.

Here’s the video from the premiere of the car at the NY Auto Show:

src: Fisker

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