Etiqueta Negra: best decorated men’s stores in the world.

Although it seems a couple of these cars may be replicas (thanks Bradley) , it is still hard to ignore how excellent these cars look sitting in a store front! Argentina-based Etiqueta Negra carefully place epic cars such as a Bugatti Type 35b and the Alfa Romeo 8c Tipo (these 2 are replicas, as per article above) into their store fronts, amidst some pretty nice clothing as well!

I’m going to have to visit the Soho NYC location when I get the chance, but meanwhile here are some choice photos of some of their storefronts; worthwhile to remember that these are all in different stores across the US, Honduras, and Argentina.

Which cars shown are real and which are not?  Well i think the Bugatti and the Alfa are reps….but the rest are real?

Etiqueta Negra Website

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3 thoughts on “Etiqueta Negra: best decorated men’s stores in the world.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I read your note and i want to clear that “Honduras” is a street name in Buenos Aires, where one of the stores is located. They just sell in the US outside Argentina!
    Amazing web btw!

    • Syed says:

      ah! ok….thanks for the clarification!

      • Fernando says:

        Hey, actually Etiqueta Negra has stores in Sao Paulo, Brazil as well as a branch in Europe, with stores in Saint Tropez, Milan and Paris among others =)

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