Electric future: 2 cars that show it won’t be so bad.

No, the 2 reasons are NOT the Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Volt.  However, that thought has made me laugh just slightly!  Electric cars which actually work and have some enthusiasm are coming, it won’t be long—-but it’s not quite yet!  I can’t even take the Tesla serious enough to comment on it, considering it’s sketchy company and even sketchier reliability.  Fisker designs excite me, but the company is going under fast..so where does that leave us? With the germans of course!

I would like to think that the future will bring us totally NEW ideas within automobiles, and while we may miss the rumble of a V8 or the roar of an inline-5—-i think automobile enthusiasts should be excited about prospects of digital sounding electric cars burning around a track.  We may think these ideas are far away—-but they are not.  It will start in racing, and trickle down to reality.

We are currently sounded by a lot of street car junk….cars like the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius which have ZERO emphasis on driving characteristics and all emphasis on pseudo socio-political activism and trendiness.  They are not solutions, however they’ve been advertised as such.

At Petit Le Mans, I heard race cars quiet enough to only give off the sound of wind….the future is coming!

I think the BMW i8 really is the future.  So maybe it’s ahead of its time and nobody realises it yet.  The Audi R8 e-Tron, on the other hand is based off the current R8 and looks pretty great as we’d expect.  BMW are taking bigger risks here I reckon…and secretly i’m hoping they produce something fantastic (and i hope they change their Apple-hommage name of “i” to something more BMW-ish).  There will always be enthusiast sports cars, no matter what future technology brings.  Instead of resisting the inevitable, I think we are better off embracing the future while we appreciate the past.  I find myself VERY excited about these cars, but particularly about the i8 which really might be the beginning of something very special.  I will keep my eyes peeled.

I love the sounds they are working with…

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8 thoughts on “Electric future: 2 cars that show it won’t be so bad.

  1. timothymcn says:

    Why doesn’t Audi make a diesel halo car? It would seem such a logical and evolutionary step, but I fear it may be too late now.

  2. Rob says:

    the i8 (despite its rather silly name, I admit that) as a wasted opportunity… It’s got pretty much the same power and acceleration figures as the e-tron, so it’s definitely a sports car. A sports car you can fill up at the pumps rather than overnight at the mains and still have the clear eco-conscience (because let’s face it: what you’re powering your e-tron, leaf, whatever with is electricity from fossil fuels.)

    • Syed says:

      I don’t see it as that! what I was trying to say is that they should have tried to make a really beautiful sports car to wow the world with…..instead of such a strange, awkward design as they are using. That being said, I dig the idea and am really looking forward to the final product and i think it might be AMAZING.

  3. GuitarSlinger says:

    Vaporware , plain and simple . BMW by their own engineers admission are only doing the EV/Hybrid thing to temporarily satisfy the market . The Audi is by all accounts ( off the record ) a bad joke once again only being made to keep the detractors silent until …

    All the Hydrogen problems are finally resolved . Interesting factoid . ConEd in the NYTimes as well as Bloomberg and the WSJ have stated that if even 1% of the Greater NYC drivers were to switch to E/V’s .. the grid as it stand would be overwhelmed and multiple black/brownouts would become a daily occurrence year round

    • Syed says:

      fascinating points, man. I have always thought electric cars were not a sustainable, real alternative—–however lately i have to admit feeling a little bit excited about the idea. That being said, logic tells me that what you’re saying about electric overload are likely true. Electric charging also requires energy……and hydrogen power will be fascinating, to be honest….

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        I should of added that the reason Mercedes Benz is buying their Hybrid /EV bits rather than creating their own is because like BMW they do not want to waste valuable money , resources and development time on technologies they feel have no real future – long or short . Not ! because they’re being lazy or cheap ! ( thats a little M-B OC insider info BTW )

        M-B is convinced Hydrogen once the problems are solved is the only viable solution as well

        BTW if I haven’t already said it .. great site . Glad I found it ( saw the Renault Alpine prototype article on Jalopnik and followed the cues to the source )

  4. Automobiliac says:

    Electric cars will wean us from dependence on Arab oil, and put us onto dependence on Chinese rare earth. What a great tradeoff.

  5. Automobiliac says:

    Oh and we will be fighting wars to secure Bolivian Lithium supplies.

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