The end of Lola?

It seems as if Lola is entering the early phases of going out of business. You should have produced the Lola T70 as a production supercar! There is still time.

from Octane:

‘It is with enormous regret that a decision has been taken to issue Notices of intention to appoint an Administrator to Lola Cars International Limited and Lola Composites Limited. This step allows the board to continue its discussions with possible investors and prospective purchasers with a view to securing the best outcome for the staff, creditors and customers of both businesses.’

(foto via C&D)

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One thought on “The end of Lola?

  1. Automobiliac says:

    I am way more sad about this than about Shelby passing away.
    Lola is such a venerable marque with so much history and racing success. And frankly some of the most beautiful racing cars ever made by anyone. I agree a T70 continuation car would be a wonderful thing for historic racing

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