sighting of the day. Cougar.

The most desirable Mercury Cougars are the 1967 and 1968 versions (1st design); after which the Cougar progressively became bigger, bulkier, and overall worse.  That being said, sometimes in the right light in Brooklyn, when one sees a ‘lost’ Cougar like this 1973 (i’m estimating)….it looks absurdly large and early 70s in a cool way.  Vinyl roof, chrome wheels, and look at the size of that trunk lined complete with flying buttresses!  Pimptastic….and funky.

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One thought on “sighting of the day. Cougar.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    The only car Ford ruined even more than the Cougar was the T-Bird . OK …. you may have to count in the Mustang II as well … except at least Ford did make amends for that with the later models . Yeeesh ! The Mid Seventies . Lived thru em . The absolute worst era of American car making that took a good two decades to recover from . Bleahhhhhh . Just the thought of those horrid OTT Yank Tanks leaves a bad taste that’ll now take all night to get over 😦

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