the stunning Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept.

I love the Porsche Panamera.  In fact it’s one of my favourite cars in the world.  Bold, beautifully made, and quite simply the best sedan in the world!  Now it has a really beautifully designed Wagon to go along with it.   Well….assuming this design makes it to production in some form.

e-Hybrid V6 + electric motors. 416hp. 65mpg. LED lots-of-things.  yellow brake calipers.  Do the details really even matter anymore?  LOOK AT IT! The interior is amazing, and the exterior is amazing.  Being a Porsche, you can wager that it will be amazing to drive as well.  Das wicked.  Nostalgia is dead.  Long live now!

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9 thoughts on “the stunning Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept.

  1. posting this is just dangling carrots in front of hungry horses.. Its GORGEOUS…but its a concept.. 😦

  2. I hate the Panamera. But this, oh my! I would gladly spend bags of money that I don’t have.

  3. Matt Smart says:

    Also not a big fan of the Panamera either but this design really does work now. The tailgate and rear Qtr lights kind of remind me of a larger Alfa Romeo Berra design which was by Giugiaro, any involvement here by him? I know he is now employed by the VW group so it is possible.

    • Suhadi says:

      wow I thought they were CGI for a moenmt. and then the 928 and the Panamera go near eachother and it’s a dead give away lol. I hope they make a coupe version

  4. drndark says:

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  5. Avantge says:

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    Porsche has some awesome stuff coming out….Like Audi, an historic company building the future on the phenomenal success of yesterday!

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