I got my introduction to ‘street art’, as many people did, from Banksy and his extravagant street installations of art work—however it is important to remember that he is merely one of thousands of brilliant street artists across the world.  He happened to become famous, however street art is one of the newest and most exciting forms of art around.

I think what makes street art most fascinating is that it doesn’t exist in isolation (e.g. in a picture frame hanging from the wall).  It takes the best aspects of installations and art, and inserts them into a live setting where it can interact with its own surroundings and create something contextual, yet still enlightening.  I am a fan of learning how to see things differently; street art shows an alternative version of reality in the mundane, the every day, and the structures we take for granted.

To those into street art, some of these photos may be more ‘popular’ works seen, but i found them to be nicely compiled at this page on Memolition





















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    This is some cool art! I like it! Excellent!

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    А главное… как придумано!

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