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sniff petrol makes us LOL


Sniff Petrol truly cracks me up.  If you’ve never read it…go check it out —


VW Pranks Porsche (excerpt from)

“Volkswagen’s executive director of research and development, Dr Wolfgang Schiele, backs up his colleague’s Porsche prank story. ‘Oh man, did Rudi tell you about that? Dude it was awesome. All these Porsche guys are like, Boo hoo, you can’t cancel the 911 and we were like, we so can too cuz we, like, totally own your asses now, and they were all like “But it’s our core model and epitomises all our key values” and then like Tha K-man [VW executive director of engineering Dr Klaus Rieble] pretended to, like, use his phone and said “Wait, I’ll just call someone who gives a shit”. Man, it was so funny I almost puked’.”

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