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video of the day. 2002 DTM @ Norisring

Laurent Aiello (Audi TT-R) and Bernd Schneider (Mercedes CLK) going balls to the wall against each other, no commentary. no BS.

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i can daydream….

and hell yeah i want that sequential gearbox.  the sound it makes while downshifting is just EPIC.

source of photo: http://www.autosportfoto.sk/

The driver is Tomas Liedl, driving the Slovakia Ring in a DTM-spec Audi TT-R.   I am guessing this is one of the original DTM TT-Rs that used to race in the DTM Series, having their careers continue…..this is what it looks like now, as opposed to the older Red/Silver Sport livery OR the Yellow Playstation livery.   There was also the blue Red Bull livery back in the day.  This race is from 08/21/2011.

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foto of the day. TT-R DTM

Audi TT-R DTM Test Car….so cool.

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