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video of the day. Bac Mono.

As my tastes continue to evolve into mixing vintage ethos and future technology, I have found myself moving the Bac Mono higher and higher in my list of favourite cars in the world.  For starters, the design is simply phenomenal; with massive attention to detail and advancing the otherwise ungainly track car stereotype into something which transcends its function.

The price is high when compared to other cars in the ‘track day specials’ category (75k GBP) and the production is low (50 units in 2012); but here’s hoping the company takes off and brings more cars to production.  Supposedly, distribution to the US market is also secured through a Lotus shop in San Francisco.   I get the feeling that after driving this around, everything else would simply just be boring—in any price range.

I’ll take mine in bright yellow-green OR stone cold black.

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foto of the day. mono.

between the Donkervoort D8 GTO and the unbelievably cool Bac Mono—-i can’t decide which one would be the ‘ultimate’ weapon!  The Mono is just sinister futuristic goodness.

src: autocar

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the glorious Bac Mono.

There are a lot of these dedicated performance mini-track cars around; Ariel Atom, Caterham Seven, the recently featured fantastic Donkervoort, and plenty of others.

But I have yet to see one as beautiful, detailed, and as full lovely design as the Bac Mono. From the minimalist name to the beautiful sculpted bodywork—-i think this is the holy grail of these types of cars as far as i’m concerned.   Oh and the interior and pedals can be fitted to suit the size of the buyer.

The Bac Mono starts for around $80k GBP in the UK—however it’s been announced the car will be on sale in the US next year.  Prices for the US market have not been announced as of yet. It’s a fairly new company, started in 2009 out of the UK.  Obviously I haven’t driven one…..but take a look at the numbers:

more details at: http://bac-mono.com/

Overall width 1800mm
Overall length 3952mm
Height 1110mm
Wheelbase 2565mm
Ground clearance 100 mm (f) 110 mm (r)
Kerb weight 540kg
Power to weight 520 bhp per tonne
Weight distribution f/r 48% / 52%
Maximum speed 170 mph
0-60 mph 2.8 secs
Maximum power 280 bhp at 7700 rpm
Maximum torque 280 Nm at 6000rpm
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