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the awkward: BMW Zagato Coupe.

Well this is an odd looking car isn’t it.  The standard, current generation Z4 is not a bad looking car, however it has always seemed too long and a bit awkward.  So how do you reckon making an already awkward car even more awkward can happen?  Oh yes that would be the job of Zagato.

Zagato have always made strange looking cars, no question about it.  Sometimes their madness pays off (Alfa Junior Z, Lancia Hyena, Lancia Fulvia Sport, Alfa Giuletta SZ), although it seems lately that everything they make sort of looks like a parody of the ‘old-school’ Zagato designs.

So Zagato have now rebodied a Z4 into what is know known as a BMW Zagato Coupe.  I think it looks pretty subpar, if i’m honest…and I find the BMW-Zagato connection to be a little strange.  That being said….it IS interesting—-although I think the previous generation Z4 Coupe would rather accomplish all of this in a far more attractive manner.

In the old days, these sorts of awkward body styles really did work—mainly because the bumpers were not ‘integrated’ as they are now, and the wheels weren’t absurdly large and bulky like they are today.

the BMW Zagato Coupe is debut’ing at this year’s Villa D’Esta.

the sketches actually looked pretty promising…

here’s a video discussing the idea and design of the car:

src: BMW

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