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Carnology: a board game for petrolheads.

Well that’s a great idea!  I’m sure most people’s families and friends would be miserable if we all whipped out this board game during holiday gatherings; but those of us whose blood runs on motor oil would be quite pleased and excited!

From what I gather, and I have not actually played this game—-the game revolves around identifying various models of automobiles and rummaging across the board to reach a checkered flag.  I’m not sure how many times this game can really be played, as i’m guessing one game and most of us would learn whatever we didn’t know—-however the idea should be applauded and i’m sure it would make a great gift for those of us whose brains are floating in brake fluid.

I also applaud the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato I see printed on the board itself, amongst others…

check out the site and info to buy it ($40) at:  Carnology

src:  stipistop

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