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I seem to learn something new on a daily basis about the beloved Alpine A110.  I had always known that the A110 was produced in Mexico under the name “Dinalpin”, however i did NOT know that the A110 was also manufactured in Brazil under the name “Interlagos” and ALSO that it was manufactured in Bulgaria under the name Bulgarlpine! What a crazy crazy name. I laughed when i first read it.  So apparently they were produced under a private contract between Alpine and Bulet (bulgarian company).  These cars were not sold on the regular market—-and apparently they were sold to private racing and rally groups.  It is rumoured that less than 150 cars were produced in total, and the majority ended up being raced privately.

I can’t help but be fascinated by this mysterious twist in the A110 story……


N1KK3L (an IEDEI reader) is from Bulgaria, and added this very interesting information to the story:

“The Bulgaralpine was part of the Bulgarrenault initiative. A partnership between some Bulgarian industrialists and Renault which allowed the assembly (proudly labeled as a manufacture) of Renault 4 cars in Bulgaria.Which was unusual thing at the time as a Soviet satellite countries (like Bulgaria) weren’t allowed to partner with western countries.
The agreement meant that the Bulgarrenaut cars can only be sold in Bulgaria, but the Bulgarians (as usual) tried to outsmart their partners and earn some extra cash by exporting the cars. Which caused the Renault cars to end the partnership. That’s not mentioned in Wikipedia but that’s how we Bulgarians know it happened.Only a handful of Bulgaralpine cars were made and I’ve had the pleasure to see one in person. I suppose it’s identical to the Renault A110.  Other interesting fact is that this car helped a very talented Iliya Chibricov win “Rally Bulgaria” (then it was called “Rally Zlatni Piasaci”). A first and only win for Bulgarian crew, until very recently(2008 I think). At the time all Bulgarian rally pilots only had access to Ladas and other Russian machinery which weren’t competitive. And the Bulgaralpine really made a difference”

Apparently, 2 of the cars even ended up rallying in the 1968 Rallye of Monte Carlo, driven by Iliya + Nikola Chubrikov & Atanas Taskov + Atanas Agura.  Here is a photo of those 2 cars:

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